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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for a restaurant permit for special occasions


If you would like to operate a catering business with alcohol serving as part of a time-limited event (e.g. fair, city festival, shooting festival) or for another temporary occasion (e.g. canteen on the occasion of a major construction site), you will need a temporary permit (permit). This only applies if the event in question can be attended by anyone or by a certain group of people.

A permit is also required if you have a travel trade card. Conversely, you do not need a travel trade card for a specific event if you already have permission to do so (§ 55a para. 1 no. 7 GewO).

If you want to regularly participate in a certain recurring event with your catering business (e.g. at an annual folk festival), there is always an alternative to repeatedly applying for a permit. If neither the spatial conditions nor the operating mode of your business change, a permanent permit is considered. However, the granting of such a permit does not say anything about the allocation of a stand space at the respective event.

Since a permit is only granted for the duration of a certain event, i.e. for a limited period of time, it is subject to less strict conditions than the granting of a permanent restaurant permit.

In order for permission to be granted to you, you must

  • prove your personal reliability,
    • Information from the Federal Central Register and, if necessary,
    • Information from the Central Trade Register
  • Prove your professional aptitude
    • Information pursuant to § 4 sec. 1 sentence 1 no. 4 GastG by a Chamber of Industry and Commerce about the main features of the provisions of food law or an exemption according to no. 3.4 of the General Administrative Regulation on the proof of information in conjunction with Its Annex 3
  • Prove the existence of the spatial requirements for the protection of the life and health of visitors and employees. Where appropriate, the authorisation may be subject to conditions in order to ensure this condition.
  • Copy of the identity card or passport with registration certificate, or presentation on site. Residence permit if the applicant is a foreigner and not a national of an EU or EEA country.
  • Current excerpt from the commercial register
  • Registered companies please submit a current excerpt from the commercial register when submitting an application. Legal entities in the process of being founded (GmbH, AG) submit the articles of association or the articles of association.
  • Restaurant instruction according to § 4 GastG
  • In the case of repeated applications, the presentation of a certificate from an IHK about participation in the restaurant lessons or a comparable qualification (confirmation by the IHK required).
  • Application for a certificate of good conduct for submission to an authority in accordance with § 30 paragraph 5 of the Federal Central Register Act. Certificate of good conduct only required if the reliability of the licensing authority is not known.
  • Application for an extract from the Central Trade Register for submission to an authority in accordance with § 150 paragraph 5 of the Trade Code. An extract from the central trade register is only required if the reliability of the licensing authority is not known.
  • Naming of the temporary event/occasion with information on the area used (site plan, floor plan of the dispensing area).

The fees depend on the administrative burden and the respective administrative fee schedule of the country.

You must submit the application for permission under restaurant law on the occasion of an event in good time (about 2 weeks in advance).

The permission is only valid temporarily for the duration and location of the event.

  • Contradiction
  • Administrative court action

Contact the restaurant authority of your municipality or city.

  • Written form required: no
  • Online procedure possible: yes
  • Personal appearance required: no

Within the scope of the permit, conditions can be imposed at any time, which are to be implemented by you.

Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy NRW

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