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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for approval of egg packing centres


Egg packing stations are establishments that grade, mark, pack and/or repack eggs according to quality and weight classes. Egg packing stations may only be operated if they have been approved by the competent authority under market law upon application and have been assigned a packing station identification number.

If eggs are sold ex-farm (production site), at the doorstep or at a public market directly to the final consumer and not according to quality and weight classes, no approval as packing center is required.

Direct marketers who market eggs through a trading partner (retailer, baker, kiosk, other direct marketer, etc.) or who want to offer eggs sorted by size and grade or who have a sales radius of more than 100 kilometers require approval as a packing center.

Only those enterprises that have the appropriate premises and technical equipment for grading eggs by quality and weight may be approved as packing centers.

Packing centers must have the following technical equipment necessary for the proper handling of eggs:

  • an automatic or permanently manned candling machine/fluoroscopic lamp that allows the quality inspection of individual eggs
  • device(s) for determining the height of the air chamber
  • a device for sorting the eggs according to weight classes
  • one or more calibrated scales for weighing the eggs (note: accurate to 1 gram)
  • device(s) for marking eggs

The premises of the packing station and the technical equipment must be in good condition and clean and free from foreign odors.

Packing centers that work exclusively for the food and non-food industries are not required to have appropriate technical equipment for grading eggs by weight.

  • Proof ofsuitablepremises
  • Proof ofsuitable technical facilities

Contact the State Administration Office.

You must apply to the competent body for approval as a packing station.

  • The competent body will examine your application and you will receive a written decision on the result.
  • If your application is approved, the authority will inform you of the identification number you need for marking the packs of eggs (packing station number).

The permit can be revoked at any time if the required conditions are no longer met.

Eggsmust begraded, marked and, if necessary, packaged within ten days of laying.

Sorted and, if applicable, packaged gradeA eggsmayonlybedelivered with the producer code printed on them.

Packagesmust beclean, shockresistant, dry and undamaged. The material of the packaging mustprotectthe eggs from foreign odors andpossiblequality deterioration.

With the approval of the packing center, all marketing channels are open. The following listsmust bekept:

  • Purchasing list (number of eggs purchased per producer farm).
  • grading list (number of eggs per category per day)
  • Sales list (number of eggs sold with place and date of sale).

The obligation to keep the listsis12 months.

Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry

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