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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

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Classic cars can be vehicles that were first registered 30 years ago (or earlier). It depends on the day of the first admission. Such vehicles, which are largely in their original condition and well preserved, are cultural assets of motor vehicle technology.

Classic cars are not intended for everyday traffic. However, there are historic vehicles with which you can participate in road traffic without restriction. These vehicles have an "H" in the last place of the license plate.

In addition, there is the red classic car license plate. This starts with "07". You can use it for several classic cars and for the following purposes:

  • Arrivals and departures as well as participation in events that serve the presentation of vintage vehicles and the "care of the automotive cultural heritage"
  • Examination, test and transfer drives with classic cars
  • Trips for maintenance and repair of the classic car

Hint: Historic vehicles with corresponding license plates are tax-privileged. They are subject to a flat-rate motor vehicle tax.

If you want to drive into an environmental zone, please note the service "Exemption from driving bans in environmental zones".

Prerequisites for the assignment of a classic car license plate are above all:

  • first approval at least 30 years ago
  • good, largely original state of preservation of the vehicle
  • Qualified expert opinion that proves the characteristics as a classic car

Additional requirements are:

  • You must not have any arrears of fees and expenses from previous admission procedures.
    In the case of payment arrears of more than 30 euros, the registration authority may not register your vehicle until you have paid them. For less than 30 euros, the registration authority can decide whether or not to allow the vehicle anyway.
  • You must not have a motor vehicle tax debt of five euros or more. When calculating the amount, late payment surcharges, interest and late payment surcharges are also taken into account.
  • If someone is to represent you at the registration of your vehicle, you must grant this person a written power of attorney. This must also include a declaration of consent that the licensing authority may inform the authorised person about arrears of fees and expenses. Your representative must present the power of attorney and identify themselves.

An application in connection with classic car license plates can trigger various approval processes.

There are fees according to administrative expenses. Since the application in connection with classic car license plates can trigger various registration procedures, the fees depend on your individual case.

Please contact the competent licensing authority.

You or your representative must apply for the registration of your vehicle as a classic car at the competent registration authority. The same applies to re-registration, deregistration and re-admission.

Depending on the offer of your licensing authority, a form is available for download or an online service via the Internet.

The registration authority may require you to present the vehicle.

The registration authority assigns a license plate to your vehicle and attaches the stickers (main inspection and stamp sticker) there.

Tip: License plates are available from private providers, which you can usually find near the registration authorities.

Since February 2014, the Federal Customs Administration has been responsible for the taxation of motor vehicles. Further information and forms on the subject of "motor vehicle tax" can be found on the website of the Customs Administration.

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