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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for assignment of interchangeable vehicle registration plates


Do you have two vehicles of the same vehicle class and with the same dimensions of the license plates?

You can get a change license plate for this.
As an alternative to the seasonal license plate, it enables further flexible vehicle use.

Examples of possible vehicle combinations:

  • two cars
  • a car and a motorhome
  • two motorcycles
  • two lightweight trailers

Note: Of the vehicles registered with interchangeable license plates, one or both can also be classic cars with H license plates.

You cannot use the vehicles at the same time. The vehicle on which the full license plate is not located is not allowed to be parked on public roads or parking lots, but only in garages or on private property.

Tip: Insurers should take limited use into account when it comes to premiums. Check with your insurance company.

Note: The number plate plate does not affect the amount of vehicle tax.

The vehicles shall be two vehicles of the same vehicle category with the same number plate size of the following categories:

  • M1 (motor vehicles used for passenger transport and a maximum of eight seats other than the driver's seat)
  • L (e.g. motorcycles, light quadricycles and certain quadricycles)
  • Trailers of category O1 (maximum permissible mass up to 750 kg)

You cannot obtain a changeable license plate in the following cases:

  • two vehicles of different classes (e.B. a car and a motorcycle)
  • Vehicles with
    • Season license plate
    • Short-term license plates
    • Red license plate
    • Green license plate
    • Export license plate

In addition:

  • You must not have any arrears of fees and expenses from previous admission procedures.
    In the case of payment arrears of more than 30 euros, the registration authority may not register your vehicle until you have paid them. For less than 30 euros, the registration authority can decide whether or not to allow the vehicle anyway.
  • You must not have a motor vehicle tax debt of five euros or more. When calculating the amount, late payment surcharges, interest and late payment surcharges are also taken into account.
  • If someone is to represent you at the registration of your vehicle, you must grant this person a written power of attorney. This must also include a declaration of consent that the licensing authority may inform the authorised person about arrears of fees and expenses. Your representative must present the power of attorney and identify themselves.

The application for the assignment of an interchangeable number plate is related to two vehicles and can trigger various registration processes (e.B new registration, deregistration, re-registration with and without change of owner, re-registration related to one or two vehicles).

Which documents you have to submit therefore varies from case to case.

Contact your regulatory authority for more information.

There are fees according to administrative expenses. Since the application for the assignment of a interchangeable number plate is related to two vehicles and can trigger different registration procedures, the fees vary from case to case.

Note: In the case of interchangeable license plates, the fees for registration, change of identification number, change of license plate type and transfer from another administrative district - with and without change of owner - increase by 6 euros per vehicle.

Please contact the competent licensing authority.

You or your representative must apply to the competent registration authority for the application for the exchange number plate. The competent authority is the licensing authority of the district in which you have your main residence, place of business or branch.

If an application form is necessary, you can obtain it in advance from the licensing authority and fill it out at home. Depending on the offer of your licensing authority, a download form or an online service is available via the Internet.

The registration authority may require you to demonstrate your vehicles.

The registration authority assigns the interchangeable license plates to your vehicles and provides the license plates with the stickers (main inspection and stamp sticker).

Tip: As a rule, you can have the license plates produced during the processing of your application. To do this, contact the private providers, who are usually located near the regulatory authorities. In the case of interchangeable license plates, it may happen that they have to be pre-ordered.

The licensing authority automatically informs your insurance company.

Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Transport

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