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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Applying for subsequent certification of a marriage concluded abroad


A marriage concluded abroad is recognized here if the regulations applicable in the country of marriage were observed and the marriage was concluded before a legally authorized person. The marriage certificate generally serves as proof of this. If the certificate was not drawn up in German, a translation is required in many cases. There is no obligation to apply for subsequent certification. But of course this has advantages: you can have a marriage certificate issued by us at any time if your foreign certificate is lost and you have a German certificate as proof of your marriage, which makes it easier to deal with authorities and other institutions.

  • The marriage was concluded abroad and at least one of the partners has German nationality.
  • Neither of the partners has a domicile or habitual residence in Germany.
  • Marriage certificate (marriage certificate) of the marriage concluded abroad, if necessary with certification by the competent foreign authority (apostille) or legalization by the German diplomatic mission abroad
  • Valid identity card, passport or travel document
  • Certificate of naturalization, certificate of citizenship, if applicable
  • If the spouses were born in Germany
  • certified copies of the birth registers from the registry offices of the places of birth.
  • If the spouses were born abroad:
  • the birth certificates with certification by the competent foreign authority (apostille) or legalization by the German diplomatic mission abroad
  • If one spouse has been married before
  • Certified copy from the marriage register of the last previous marriage with a note of dissolution.
  • Alternatively or in the case of previous marriages abroad: Proof of the conclusion and dissolution of all previous marriages - for example marriage certificates, death certificates, all divorce decrees (complete and with a note from the court stating when the judgment became legally binding ("final judgment"))
  • Recognition of the foreign divorce by the President of the Higher Regional Court, if applicable
  • If one spouse has already entered into a registered civil partnership:
    • Proof of the establishment and dissolution of all civil partnerships
  • Translations of all documents in foreign languages by sworn translators in Germany
  • Further documents may be required in individual cases.
  • 89.00 EUR Notarization of marriage abroad
  • 33.00 EUR Declaration of name if only German law is to be observed
  • 57.00 EUR Declaration on the use of names if foreign law is also to be observed
  • 38.00 EUR Alignment of names, if applicable
  • 30.00 EUR Affidavit in lieu of an oath, if applicable
  • 12.00 EUR Issue of a marriage certificate
  • EUR 6.00 for each additional marriage certificate applied for at the same time
  • A marriage concluded abroad can be subsequently notarized; the date of the marriage is irrelevant.
  • Only the spouses themselves can apply for the marriage to be notarized during their lifetime.
  • After the death of both spouses, their parents and children are also entitled to apply.

Please contact the registry office 1 in Berlin.

  • Senator for Internal Affairs, Department 23 - Civil Status Law, of the State of Bremen

The text was automatically translated based on the German content.

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