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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Applying for testing of fuels from plants requiring a permit


The aim of the regulation is to set requirements for the production, placing on the market, import and quality as well as on the labelling of fuels in order to protect against harmful environmental effects and to monitor them annually.

Through the year-round inspection, the qualities of both summer (1 May - 30 September) and winter goods (16 November - 15 March) are recorded.

The results are to be reported to the Federal Environment Agency on 31.05. of the following year. The reporting of the Member State Germany to the EU Commission takes place on 31.08. of the following year

State Administration Office

The information according to § 18 (3) of the 10th BImSchV is provided electronically via the data acquisition tool "FQMS – Fuel Quality Monitoring System". This fulfils the report format of the General Administrative Regulation for 10th BImSchV.

The competent authority shall verify a certain number of fuel and fuel samples. The number of samples depends on the total quantities placed on the market. Sampling is carried out twice a year in accordance with the requirements of the General Administrative Regulation of the 10th BImSchV, so that both the winter and the summer goods can be tested. Sampling and analysis is carried out by test laboratories accredited for this purpose (mineral oil products).

The results are recorded in accordance with § 18 (3) of the 10th BImSchV via the "FQMS – Fuel Quality Monitoring System". It is a data collection tool of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA).

The results of the country reviews are compiled annually by UBA into a National Fuel Report. This is reported by the Member State Germany to the European Commission.

Ministry of the Environment, Energy, Food and Forestry Rhineland-Palatinate

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