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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Request repetition of the state compulsory subject examination to improve grades.


If you have successfully passed the state compulsory subject examination in Saxony-Anhalt for the first time, you can repeat it once to improve your grades.

  • You have successfully passed the state compulsory subject examination in the first attempt.
  • Performance records of the exercises for advanced students in civil law, criminal law and public law
  • Records of the intermediate examination
  • Certificates of the other courses
  • Proof of completion of practical study periods
  • Proof of payment of the examination fee

You must submit the proofs in the original or as a certified copy.

A fee of € 300.00 will be charged for the examination procedure. If you have passed your first examination attempt as a free attempt, the above-mentioned fee does not apply.

The reporting period of the respective examination round must be observed. For the first examination round of the respective year, this covers the period from 01.11. to 30.11. of the previous year. For the second round of examinations, the registration period is from May 1 to May 31.

You can only apply for admission for grade improvement after the results of the first attempt have been announced and only until the end of the next but one admission period.

The audit process takes approximately six months.

  • Objection
  • Complaint

The State Judicial Examination Office in the Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection is responsible for the examination procedure. responsible.

After submitting an application, you will be admitted for grade improvement and summoned to prepare the supervisory papers and, in case of passing the written examination, to take the oral examination. If you achieve a better grade in the examination procedure than in your first attempt, a new certificate of passing the state compulsory subject examination will be issued. If this is not the case, the previous result will remain.

You must not have started the legal preparatory service yet. The start of the legal preparatory service ends the examination procedure.

Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection, LJPA

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