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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Request education in a day group


Education in a day group is particularly suitable for children of school age and older who exhibit behavioral problems or developmental delays. This is a type of assistance for upbringing. It can also be suitable for young adults according to §41 SGB VIII.
A day group is a so-called partial inpatient help. During the week, your child will be looked after in a day group during the day after school. Afterwards, however, it can remain in the family and thus in the familiar environment.
Education in a day group means:

  • Your child receives therapeutic and pedagogical care
  • It receives support in integrating into the school and the social environment.
  • It learns in a group how to deal with other children and how to cope with conflicts.
  • It learns to organize its everyday life and receives suggestions for meaningful leisure activities.
  • Parents are intensively involved, for example through counseling sessions, parents' evenings or parent-child meetings.

The goals of education in a day group are

  • the strengthening of the child
  • the strengthening of the parents
  • strengthening the parent-child relationship
  • keeping the child in the family
  • You are the person with custody of a child (parent or guardian)
  • You feel overwhelmed with the upbringing of the child
  • The help by raising your child in a day group is suitable and necessary.
  • Identity card
  • GGf. proof of custody, for example:
    • Birth certificate
    • Information from the custody register
    • Decision of the family court about custody

The costs for education in a day group are largely borne by the youth welfare office. However, you must contribute to the costs to a reasonable extent. Please ask the responsible youth welfare office about this.

The processing time varies, depending on individual circumstances and the responsible office.

Youth Welfare Office

Contact the responsible youth welfare office.

  • All parties involved (you, your child, the caregivers from the day group and the Youth Welfare Office) will meet to discuss the assistance plan. In the help plan, it is determined how the help is to be structured and which goals are to be achieved.
  • If education in a day group seems to make sense, you can apply for help with education.
  • The Youth Welfare Office will look for a suitable day group. You can express your wishes. If there are several options, you can choose the day group.
  • There will be regular reviews to see if the help is still suitable.

Senator for Social Affairs, Youth, Integration and Sport in Bremen

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