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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for intensive individual socio-educational support


Intensive individual social-pedagogical support promotes the integration of adolescents and young adults into social life. It is a type of educational assistance. Supporting and accompanying offers are intended to enable age-appropriate support in school and extracurricular activities.
The young person is accompanied by a pedagogical specialist over a longer period of time.
The help can take place in the parents' home, in the young person's own apartment or in a pedagogically supervised residential group.
The goal is that the pedagogical specialist prepares the young person for an independent and self-responsible life. She helps the young person to find friends or other confidants who will continue to accompany and support the young person through his or her life.
If the youth welfare office determines that young people and young adults need such help (have educational needs), then you get this help from the youth welfare office.

  • You are a parent or guardian for a child (the custodial person).
  • You do not manage to care for and educate the child in a way that is good for the child.
  • The help in the form of an intensive individual socio-pedagogical measure is suitable and necessary.
  • If you are a young person of legal age and you apply for help yourself, you must not be more than 21 years old. There are also exceptions: then you may be no more than 27 years old.
  • Identity card
  • Proof of custody, if applicable, for example:
    • Birth certificate, information from the custody register or decision of the family court regarding custody

Intensive socio-educational individual support in outpatient form is free of charge. Outpatient means when your child still lives with you.
In the case of intensive socio-educational inpatient care, you must contribute to the costs to a reasonable extent. Inpatient means that the young person lives in a residential facility or in his or her own apartment. Please ask the responsible youth welfare office about this.

Youth Welfare Office

As a parent or guardian, you must submit an application for help with upbringing.
As a young adult, you can also submit an application yourself. This application is called "Application for assistance for young adults".

  • Contact the responsible youth welfare office.
  • The Youth Welfare Office will explain to you in a personal meeting what assistance is available.
  • If the Youth Welfare Office thinks that you need help in the form of intensive individual social-pedagogical care, then you can apply for "help with upbringing".
  • All parties involved (you, your child, the caregiver and the Youth Welfare Office) meet for a help plan discussion. In the help plan, it is determined how the help is to be structured and which goals are to be achieved.
  • The youth welfare office looks for a suitable specialist. If there are several options, they can help select one.
  • The youth welfare office regularly checks whether the help is still suitable.

Senator for Social Affairs, Youth, Integration and Sport in Bremen

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