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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Request extension of the certificate of international mediation procedure


The International Placement Office issues a certificate of placement to the adoptive parents if a child has been adopted from a non-member state of the Hague Convention on Adoption.
This certificate can be used to prove the adoption in official proceedings related to the adopted child.

The certificate is valid for two years and its validity expires as soon as a decision on the recognition of the intercountry adoption by the family court is obtained. If the proceedings could not be completed within the two years, the certificate can be extended for one year upon request.

Note: In the case of mediated adoptions from a member state of the Hague Adoption Convention, this certificate is not issued. Instead, the child's State of origin issues an Article 23 HAÜ certificate.

A successful international adoption procedure was carried out and a child from a non-member state of the Hague Adoption Convention was placed. Recognition of the successful adoption was requested in the family court and a § 2d certificate was issued by the international placement agency.

Senator for Social Affairs, Youth, Integration and Sport, Bremen

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