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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for payment of grants for advice to agricultural enterprises and producer associations


The Ministry of Economy, Tourism, Agriculture and Forestry of Saxony-Anhalt supports you with funding for advice for agricultural businesses or producer associations.

You can apply for a grant for your advice. As soon as this grant has been approved, you can apply for payment of the grant.

The grant to promote agricultural advisory services can only be paid out if:

  • you have applied for a grant for advisory services for agricultural enterprises or producer associations,
  • you have received the grant notification before the start of the advisory service,
  • the notification of grant is final (the notification of grant generally becomes final one month after its announcement. However, you can bring this about earlier by declaring that you will not lodge an appeal),
  • you have not already contractually agreed on the consulting services in question as part of the accompanying business consulting,
  • your consultancy service has not already been funded by other public funding programs.
  • Written application for payment. Use the form for this.
  • Invoice to the agricultural enterprise/producer association (final beneficiary), if already available. You must provide the following information:
    • Approved grant,
    • hours of advice actually provided per advice focus.
  • Proof of payment of the own contribution by the agricultural enterprise/producer association (final beneficiary), if the own contribution has already been paid.
  • You can submit the following documents as proof:
    • Originals,
    • copies or certified copies of the originals with a verification note,
    • Payment receipts that were sent exclusively in electronic form (original digital receipts).

Please keep the originals so that you can present them if required.

Fee: free of charge

You must submit the application for payment to the approval authority by November 20 of the application year at the latest.

You must complete and invoice the consultation by December 31 of the year of application.

You can take legal action against the decision of the approval authority. The decision will then be reviewed. Details of this procedure can be found in the information on legal remedies at the end of your decision. We recommend that you talk to the granting authority first before taking legal action against the decision.

Office for Agriculture, Land Consolidation and Forestry Anhalt

The grant will only be paid to you if you apply for it in writing. Please use the form provided for this purpose ("Application for payment of consultancy support"). This is available online in the ELAISA portal.

  • Submit the application together with the required documents.
  • If you have not yet invoiced the consultancy services, you must submit the invoice with the proof of use at the latest. This also applies to proof of payment of the personal contribution. The form for the proof of use is also available in the ELAISA portal.
  • Send the application for disbursement with the required evidence to the Office for Agriculture, Land Consolidation and Forestry (ALFF) Anhalt by November 20 of the current year (application year) at the latest.
  • As part of the review of the application for disbursement, the approval authority determines the eligible expenditure/costs. The authority then arranges payment. You will receive a payment notification or a notification of change. This will state the amount of the payment.
  • You will receive the grant at the earliest after the approval notice has become final. You will receive the payment to a bank account that you have specified in the application.
  • The original receipts submitted in paper form will be returned to you.

Ministry of Economy, Tourism, Agriculture and Forestry of Saxony-Anhalt

Ministry of Economic Affairs, Tourism, Agriculture and Forestry of the State of Saxony-Anhalt - Department 42, Plant Production, Organic and Genetic Engineering, Organic Farming, Agricultural Economics/Consulting, Digitalization in Agriculture

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