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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Application for calibration Acceptance


You must the calibration of a single measuring device or a

sample of measuring instruments for compliance with legally defined

requirements by a verification authority apply for verification.

The following can be calibrated can only measuring devices, if they are metrologically

and their and their nature , meet the essential legal requirements

requirements of the German Measurement and Verification fulfill.

If the measuring instrument during the verification test the

requirements, an official marking is issuedfor

for a further verification period admissibility the use in

commercial or official traffic and for measurements in

public in the public interest.

The verification authorities test measuring instruments

  • of the trade: e. g. scales, petrol pumps at filling stations, tank trucks for mineral oil, fare displays in cabs,
  • the occupational safety and environmental protection: e. g. audiometers, exhaust gas measuring devices and
  • the Police: e.g. Breathalyzers, radar measuring devices

For the different types of measuring devices there are different

prescribed by law calibration validity periods, which are specified in the

and and Verification Ordinance.

Can be calibrated can only measuring instruments, if they meet the

essential requirements of the Measurement and Verification Ordinance

and Verification Ordinance. The measuring instrument must fulfill at least one of the following conditions fulfill:

  • Type approval from the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt
  • General approval for calibration or type examination certificate
  • with EC type approval: Type approval of a European approval authority
  • Conformity assessment according to national regulations, European Measuring Instruments Directive or according to European Weighing Instruments Directive (CE marking)

The for the calibration of measuring instruments charged fees are regulated nationwide by the Ordinance on Fees on Metrology and Verification ( Ordinance on Metrology and calibration fees ordinance - MessEGebV) regulated.

An application for calibration must be submitted at least ten weeks before the

the calibration period. Further use beyond the end of the calibration period

beyond is then only possible on application possible. This only applies for

measuring devices whose calibration period has not yet ended at the time of

has not yet ended and if the measuring device user the

necessary to carry out the calibration.

When sending repair notifications, a period of 7 days is considered to be immediate. However, in the case of measuring devices for determining speed and distance, the repair notification must be received by the local competent verification authority within 2 working days to the locally competent verification authority.

Forms available: Yes
Written form required: No
Informal application possible: No

Personal appearance necessary: Yes

As user of measuring instruments must the calibration of your measuring device in writing or online. The calibration is usually carried out at the installation site of the meter. Depending on the type of measuring device the calibration can be carried out as part of a round trip. This means that the verification officer will visit you for verification without prior notification (e.g. for store scales) or an appointment will be arranged with you (e.g. for truck scales). truck scales). Measuring instruments for Electricity, gas, water or heat must be inspected by an officially recognized testing laboratory for verification. If the measuring device during the verification verification meetsthe requirements, an official marking for a further calibration period admissibility the use in commercial or official or official use as well as for measurements in public in the public interest.

§ Section 37 (3) sentence 1 of the Measurement and Verification Ordinance

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