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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for the status of "authorised consignor" for the Union transit procedure


When goods move across several transit countries or customs territories within Europe, import duties or other charges may have to be paid and refunds claimed at different points. The Union transit procedure allows you to move goods with only one customs clearance. It facilitates the movement of goods and customs regulations between the Member States of the European Union and Andorra and San Marino. Goods can be moved from their point of departure to their final destination, where customs and national tax requirements are met.

In order to place your goods under the Union transit procedure more easily, you as a company or individual can apply for the status of "authorised consignor".

The authorisation of the "authorised consignor status" enables you to open Union transit procedures on your own, even outside the opening hours of the customs office of departure at the places authorised in the authorisation. The clearance and control obligations of the customs office of departure are transferred to you as the holder of the authorisation. You may

  • issue transit declarations
  • seal means of transport or packages in accordance with customs regulations,
  • transport goods without the customs office having to take action,
  • process your imports and exports electronically with the customs authorities via the NCTS system (New Computerised Transit System).

An "authorised consignor" status approved in Germany is only valid for Union transit procedures that start in Germany. Once approved, you do not need to renew the status.

You or your company must

  • be established in the customs territory of the European Union;
  • use the Union transit procedure on a regular basis. To do this, you must provide an estimate of how many consignments per month you carry out under the Union transit procedure;
  • show that you comply with the law in the course of your economic activity, i.e.:
    • you have not committed any serious or repeated offences against customs or tax regulations
    • you have not committed any more serious offences in the course of your business;
  • demonstrate that you have a functioning, resilient control system for your economic activities and movements of goods, that is:
    • you must prove that you keep business records and transport documents in a systematic manner and that you allow customs to carry out appropriate controls
  • prove that you have practical or professional qualifications to act as an "authorised user";
  • be approved as a participant in the "New Computerised Transit System (NCTS)";
  • meet the requirements of the "Automated Tariff and Local Customs Clearance System" (ATLAS). With ATLAS, the cross-border movement of goods is largely automated and monitored;
  • provide a comprehensive security or be exempt from providing a security.
  • Extract from the commercial register

Please ask your responsible main customs office whether you need to submit further documents.

Your application will be accepted within 30 days and a decision will be made on it within 120 days.

You must apply for the status of "authorised user" in writing:

  • Go to the website of the German customs and call up the form "Application for approval of the status of authorised consignor (ZV)" (form 0356) from there. You can fill out the form directly on your computer.
  • Also download the Customs Authorisation Questionnaire and complete Parts I to III and V.
  • Print out the completed application and questionnaire and attach all required documents.
  • Submit the form to your main customs office. Your application will be examined there.
  • The main customs office will send you a written decision as to whether you are granted the status of "authorised consignor".
  • In the authorisation, the main customs office specifies certain measures that you must take to ensure that the packed or sealed goods are recognisable (so-called identification).
  • The authorisation usually takes effect on the day it is delivered to you.

The main customs office in whose district you keep your main accounts for customs purposes is responsible. If you have any questions about an ongoing application procedure, the granting of procedural facilitation or other initiated procedures, please contact your competent main customs office.

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