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Apply for rehabilitation aftercare offer at the pension insurance company


The pension insurance's rehab aftercare services support you in testing and implementing the knowledge gained from medical rehab and skills in your living environment.

This should enable you to better manage your everyday life and return to work. Rehab aftercare helps to ensure the success of the previous service.

The rehab aftercare is as close as possible to your place of residence and in-service.

Complex (multimodal) and less complex (unimodal) aftercare services are available to you:

  • Intensified rehabilitation aftercare (IRENA)
  • Training-therapeutic rehab aftercare (T-RENA)
  • Psychosomatic rehabilitation aftercare (Psy-RENA)
  • the addiction aftercare
  • the tele-rehab aftercare

The aftercare services are provided by licensed providers throughout Germany, such as rehab facilities, physiotherapists, psychotherapists and addiction counseling centers. You can use the search portal for pension insurance aftercare services and approved aftercare providers to search for a provider near your home using your zip code.

For your participation in rehab aftercare, you can apply to be reimbursed a flat-rate travel fee of EUR 5.00 per appointment.

You do not have to pay anything extra. Your participation in a rehab follow-up is voluntary.

The pension insurance does not provide rehab aftercare if

  • your attending physician determines that you are able to work less than 3 hours in relation to the general labor market at the end of the medical rehab,
  • you have applied for a full pension or are drawing a full old-age pension, or
  • you are drawing a partial old-age pension of at least 2 thirds of the full pension.

You can also claim follow-up care after a completed medical rehab if you have

  • have applied for a pension due to reduced earning capacity,
  • are unemployed or unable to work
  • take advantage of gradual reintegration after rehab,
  • there is a recommendation for the examination of lines for participation in working life by the rehab facility.
  • The insurance-law requirements are met if you have received medical rehab through the pension insurance.
  • You will receive the required documents from the rehab facility where you completed your medical rehab.

There are no costs for you.

Pension insurance funds aftercare services for a maximum period of 12 months following medical rehab.

There is usually no processing time, as the recommendation is issued by the rehab facility at the end of the medical rehab.

There are no legal remedies, as participation is voluntary.

Forms available: Yes

Written form required: Yes

Informal application possible: No

Personal appearance required: No

Online services available: Yes

The need for aftercare services is determined at the rehab facility where you also went for medical rehab.

  • You can claim rehabilitation aftercare if
  • the participation service has been completed
  • individual problem areas still need to be addressed in order to ensure the long-term success of the rehab program - for example, lack of exercise and obesity,
  • at the end of medical rehab, the patient is able to work at least 3 hours on the general labor market, or
  • a positive employment prognosis exists.
  • The recommendation for rehab aftercare is considered a cost commitment for the aftercare provider; there is no separate decision by the responsible pension insurance institution.

Subsequent determination of need:

If your need for aftercare services was not determined at the rehab facility, you may submit an application to your responsible pension insurance carrier within 4 weeks of completing your medical rehabilitation.

Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS)

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