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Apply for authorised consignee status under the TIR procedure


The TIR procedure (Transports Internationaux Routiers procedure) facilitates the international transport of goods by road vehicles.
The freight compartments of the vehicles are sealed by customs when the procedure is opened. This means that no opening is possible en route without this being noticed during an inspection.
By using this simplified transit procedure, the administrative burden of passing through a national border is minimised, as goods are only checked in the country of departure and destination.

If you wish to receive goods which are transported under the TIR procedure, you must apply for "authorised consignee TIR" status.

If you have the status "authorised consignee-TIR", you can receive goods under the TIR procedure at an authorised place and you have to exchange data with your competent customs office. Once the goods have been received and the formalities have been completed, the TIR procedure ends.

The authorisation will specify the specific places to which your authorisation as "authorised consignee TIR" relates.

You must meet the following requirements to obtain the status of "authorised consignee TIR":

  • Your company is established in the customs territory of the Union.
  • You regularly receive goods carried under the TIR procedure or you are known to the authorising principal customs office as an economic operator capable of fulfilling all the obligations arising from that procedure.
  • They have not committed any serious or repeated offences against customs or fiscal legislation.
  • You have not committed any serious criminal offences in the course of your economic activity.
  • You can demonstrate an increased level of control over your activities and movements of goods by means of a system of record keeping and, where appropriate, transport documentation that allows for appropriate customs controls.
  • Customs control and monitoring of your activities can be carried out easily and without disproportionate administrative burden.
  • You must have practical or professional qualifications directly related to the activity carried out.

If you are not an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), please submit the completed Customs Authorisation Questionnaire Parts I to III and V in addition to the main application.

There is no cost for authorising authorised consignee TIR.
However, it should be noted that if you wish to act as an authorised consignee TIR, you must also have a depository. This depository refers to the place where you receive the goods. A guarantee must be provided for the operation of this depository Article 149(2)(c) of Regulation (EU) No 952/2013 Union Customs Code). This security can only be meaningfully provided in the context of an authorisation total security.

Before you receive goods carried under the TIR procedure, you must be authorised as a consignee.

You will usually receive a decision on your application within 120 days of acceptance.

  • Objection
  • Detailed information on how to file an appeal can be found in the notice.
  • Action before the tax court

In order to obtain the status of "authorised consignee TIR", you must submit an application:

  • Go to the Customs Administration website and download the form "Application for Authorised Consignee Status for the TIR procedure under Article 230 of the Union Customs Code" (Form 0363).
  • Complete the form and send it and, if applicable, Parts I to III and V of the Customs Authorisation Questionnaire to the principal customs office in whose district your main accounts for customs purposes are held or accessible.
  • The main customs office examines your documents and checks whether further authorisations (depository or provision of a comprehensive security) are available or still have to be applied for by you.
  • If all formal and material requirements are met, you will receive the Authorised Consignee TIR authorisation.

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