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Applying for background checks in aviation


If you work in or at the airport, in many cases you will need a background check beforehand. It is a prerequisite for you to be able to obtain access authorization. Once the background check and access authorization have been issued and you have completed the required training at the airport, you can obtain an airport ID card. This allows you to move unaccompanied in security areas at the airport.

You need proof of your reliability in the following areas:

  • Security
  • clearance,
  • transport,
  • the control of air freight, and
  • generally to enter security areas . Security areas include, but are not limited to:
    • parts of an airport where screened passengers may be present before their departure;
    • parts of an airport where checked checked baggage is located or transited, and
    • Areas of an airport where aircraft and other aircraft are parked – for boarding and disembarking as well as for loading and unloading.

The regulation therefore also applies:

  • Pilots,
  • student pilots,
  • members of airport-based associations,
  • Pupil interns
  • Suppliers of goods and similar suppliers
  • dealers and traders, and
  • Employees of cleaning companies.
The background check examines that you do not pose a threat to aviation safety. The exam includes:
  • Information about you,
  • Recording of all employment relationships, training and further education and any gaps at least during the last 5 years (not for pilots),
  • your place of residence or habitual residence for the past 10 years,
  • Verification of criminal records,
  • Information from authorities.

The purpose of theirinspection is to ensure the safety of civil aviation.

If you need the background check to carry out your professional activity, you must apply for the background check yourself. The application must be submitted via your employer or the airport operator.

You are obliged to cooperate with your review. This may also mean that you will need to submit additional documentation or evidence, such as a drug test.

As a rule, you are not reliable if:

  • you have been sentenced to imprisonment, juvenile detention or a fine of at least 60 daily rates for an intentional criminal offence, or
  • You have been sentenced to a lesser fine at least 2 times and this conviction was not more than 5 years ago.
  • you have been sentenced to at least one year's imprisonment for a felony or other intentional offence
  • ten years have not elapsed since the last conviction became final.


  • a copy of the identity card on both sides or:
  • Copy of passport with a current registration certificate

Please refer to the respective information sheets of the aviation security authority responsible for you.

Additionally for pilots and student pilots:

  • Proof of the granted permit (license copy) or proof of the desired permit (e.g. registration at the flight school, training contract)

Additionally for the self-employed:

  • Business registration
  • If you have been abroad for more than 6 months without interruption in the past 5 years: Certificate of Immunity from Punishment or European Certificate of Good Conduct.
  • In the case of a re-check: a copy of the decision of the last background check.

Reliability check: between 6 and 211.50 EUR

The employer bears the costs of the verification for the purpose of carrying out a professional activity.

Private pilots bear the costs themselves.

  • Before starting work at airports: Be sure to submit your application for review at least one month before you start work or training.
  • Validity of the determination of good repute: 5 years (unless this determination is revoked beforehand)
  • You should submit a repeat application at least 3 months before the end of the validity period.
  • Change of personal information: You must notify the aviation safety authority of any changes within one month. Changes are:
    • Name
    • Residence
    • Change of employer
    • Type of activity

Objection or, in some federal states, direct action before the competent administrative court. Details can be found in the respective notice.

State Administration Office

If you also need access authorisation, you can apply for a background check via the airport operator. If you do not need the access authorization, contact the aviation security authority directly.

  • Fill out and sign the background check application. You can obtain the form either from the airport operator's ID office, directly from your employer or on the Internet on the websites of the aviation security authorities of the federal states. The decisive factor for the choice of the form is the federal state.
  • Your employer confirms the application with a signature.
  • Attach the required documents to your application.
  • Submit the application to the airport's ID office if you need access authorization. You can also have the application submitted by your employer. If you only need the background check, submit the application directly to the aviation security authority.
  • The airport operator will check whether your application is operationally necessary.
  • The airport operator forwards the application to the aviation security authority.
  • The aviation security authority will check your application and thus your reliability. In order for the aviation security authority to assess your reliability, it can:
    • Verify your identity,
    • Make inquiries to the police enforcement and constitutional protection authorities of the federal states, the Federal Police and the Customs Criminal Investigation Office
    • Obtain information from the Federal Central Register
    • and, depending on the individual case, obtain information from/from
      • Federal Criminal Police Office,
      • Law enforcement agencies
      • Federal Intelligence Service,
      • Military Counterintelligence Service,
      • Federal Commissioner for the Records of the State Security Service,
      • aerodrome operators and air carriers;
      • current employer as well as employers of the previous five years.
    • Special case: without German citizenship, the authority can:
      • Obtain information from the Central Register of Foreigners (for non-EU citizens)
      • if necessary, make inquiries to the competent immigration authorities for indications of an impairment of public safety
  • You are obliged to actively participate in your review.
  • If, during the review, doubts arise as to your reliability, you may comment on the information obtained , provided that it is not subject to confidentiality or its disclosure could hinder investigations.
    • You will be instructed beforehand that your information must be true or that you can refuse to provide information.
  • After the check, you will receive a notification from the aviation security authority. The decision can be positive or negative. At the same time, your employer will receive information about the result of the review. If you have also applied for an access authorisation, the airport operator will also receive information.
    • Your employer and the airport operator will only know the result of the audit, but not the previously gained knowledge about you.
  • You can file an action against the decision of reliability with the competent administrative court
  • Your employer bears the costs of the background check, unless you have submitted the application as a private pilot or student pilot or other private individual.

After determining your reliability:

The determination of reliability can be revoked within the validity of currently 5 years. This can happen if a security authority gains new information about you (e.g. about investigations or criminal proceedings) and transmits them to the aviation security authority. This procedure is called: follow-up reporting.

A background check if you

  • have undergone at least an equivalent inspection in Germany within the past 12 months and your reliability has been established. Please submit a copy.
  • an extended security clearance has been carried out for you in accordance with the Security Clearance Act, or
  • only need one-time access to security areas at the airport and can therefore work, for example, with a day pass, or
  • work exclusively in generally accessible areas of the airport.

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