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Apply for a permit for oversized and heavy goods transport


Large and heavy transports are vehicles or their loads that exceed the legally prescribed dimensions and weights.
You require a permit and/or a special permit for the transportation of vehicles and vehicle combinations on public roads if

  • the load,
  • the dimensions
  • the axle load or
  • the total weight

exceed the legally permitted limits.

The road traffic authority in whose district the transport begins or the registered office of the company carrying out the transport is located is responsible for your application. In the case of foreign companies, the administrative authority in whose district the permit is being used for the first time is responsible.

  • Transportation by rail or water must not be an option for the requested transport.
  • Suitable roads must be available.
  • You must be transporting an indivisible load. Special provisions apply if there are several parts.

Your application should include

  • period of validity
  • exact route
  • Dimensions, axle load and total weight information
  • Address of the applicant
  • Written disclaimer
  • If applicable, exemption permit in accordance with the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO),
    • You must apply separately for a special permit in accordance with § 70 StVZO if not only the load deviates from the permissible dimensions, but also a special vehicle is used that does not comply with the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations even when unloaded. You must enclose proof of this special permit with your application.

Depending on the application, further documents may be required. You can obtain further information from the relevant road traffic authority.

Fee: 40,00 - 1300,00 EUR
Payment in advance: No
The costs for the application may vary. The fee calculator of the Procedure Management for Large and Heavy Goods Transports (VEMAGS) will give you an idea of the fees in advance.

Please contact the State Administration Office, Transportation Department.

You can apply for a permit for oversized and heavy goods vehicles online, by post or by fax.

If you wish to submit the application online:

  • You submit the application and all required documents via the online service Verfahrensmanagement für Großraum- und Schwertransporte (VEMAGS).
  • The authority may require additional documents, which you must add to your application. The competent authority will review your application and decide whether the permit can be issued.
  • Under certain circumstances, the permit may be granted subject to conditions. Once the review has been completed, you will receive the permit or rejection and the fee notice online via the portal.

Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport Affairs (BMDV)

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