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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Register for a meeting


  • If you wish to hold an assembly, you must register this with the competent authority at least 48 hours before the event is announced.
  • After receipt of your registration by the competent authority, it will be forwarded to the local regulatory authority responsible for the place of assembly, to the police and, if necessary, to other authorities to be involved. These authorities involved can then comment on your planned assembly.
  • Cooperation talks are regularly held with the authorities involved (police, public order offices) in advance with regard to the procedure and implementation of the assembly.
  • For each meeting, you must have a person who has registered the meeting and a meeting leader.
  • The person registering the meeting can be an individual, an organization or an association.
  • The leader of the meeting must be an individual.
  • This individual is responsible for the orderly conduct of the assembly and is the contact person for the police and the assembly authorities during the assembly.
  • The assembly leader must be present for the entire duration of the assembly. A deputy for the assembly leader can be named.

The notice of the meeting must be made 48h before the announcement of the meeting.

4 to 24 hours

Please contact the relevant assembly authority of your district, the district-free city of Dessau-Roßlau (for the city of Dessau-Rosslau) or the police department of Saxony-Anhalt North (for the city of Magdeburg) or the police department of Saxony-Anhalt South (for the city of Halle).

Forms available: No

Written form required: No

Informal application possible: Yes

Personal appearance required: No, in exceptional cases yes

  • They send their registration of the meeting to the competent authority digitally or analogously.
  • The registration is not bound to any form.
  • Regardless of whether you make the notification online, in writing or verbally, the following information must be included:
    • Name and address of the organizer of the notifying person (private person or organization).
    • Name and address, telephone and fax/email of the leader of the assembly.
    • Description of the planned course of the assembly according to place, time and topic.
    • In the case of processions/demonstrations, the planned route.
    • If the assembly leader uses the assistance of stewards, their deployment must be notified to the competent authority, stating the number of persons expected to be deployed for this purpose.

If you wish to submit the application online:

  • You do not need to register or create an account.
  • You fill in the mandatory fields of the online service.
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address you have provided.

If you want to submit the application by mail:

  • You write down your registration, e.g. with a sample template, and check your information for completeness.
  • You then send the registration by mail or submit it on site at the responsible authority.


  • The competent authority processes your registration and forwards it, with comments if necessary, to the local authorities (police, public health department, regulatory authority); they provide feedback with possible indications for restrictive orders or threats to public safety that may justify such orders or a ban.
  • As a rule, a cooperation meeting is held between the responsible authority/police and the persons organizing the event.
  • Feedback from the authorities is examined separately and any cooperation at the place of assembly is decided.
  • After that, a notification confirmation is issued and sent back to the applicant/applicant.
  • The notification is confirmed or a notice with restrictive orders or a ban is issued. No fees will be charged.
  • Short notice up to 1 hour prior to the start of the meeting is available.
  • Significant changes to their details of the assembly must be notified to the responsible authority without delay. - The responsible event management must be known for the confirmation of the notification or the notice of conditions.
  • The competent authority may, after cooperative discussions with other authorities involved, issue a restriction or order on the assembly or issue a ban on the assembly if the assembly is feared to pose dangers to public safety that justify these measures.
  • A decision on this is to be issued, which can be challenged before the administrative court.

Ministry of the Interior, Local Government, Housing and Sport of the State of Schleswig-Holstein (MIKWS)

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