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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Contact initial reception centres and emergency shelters


Women's shelters provide protection, counselling, accompaniment and support to every woman and her children threatened or affected by psychological, physical and/or sexual and domestic violence, as well as by stalking (persecution, harassment by admirers).

The length of stay of those affected in the women's shelter is approximately three days and can extend over several months in exceptional cases. Men are generally not allowed to enter.

Telephone numbers of the women's shelters and their counselling centres can be found in local telephone directories or ask welfare associations, municipal equal opportunities officers and youth or social welfare offices.

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Soziale Dienste - Amt für Jugend, Senioren und Soziales
Schlachthofstraße 6
38855 Wernigerode, Stadt
+49 3943 654512
+49 3943 6547512
+49 173 2099700