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Apply for a housing benefit increase


If you receive housing benefit, you can apply for higher housing benefit.

Conditions for an increase in housing benefit:

• a reduction in income of more than 10%,

• increasing the number of household members;

• an increase of more than 10% in the rent or burden on residential property.

These changes can, but do not have to, lead to an increase in housing benefit.

You must attach the following documents to your application for an increase in the housing benefit:

• proof of income (e.g. salary statement, pension notice),

• Documentation on the cost of the residential property you use, if you are its owner.

• Proof of change.

Housing Benefit Authority

Written form required: Yes

Personal appearance required: No

You will only receive a higher housing benefit if you apply for an increase.

You must submit the application for an increase to the housing benefit authority responsible for you.

After processing the application, the housing benefit authority issues a decision.

If your financial situation or living conditions have improved or changed, there may also be a reduction in housing benefit.

You are obliged to notify the housing benefit authority immediately of any changes that may lead to a reduction in the housing benefit. To ensure that you do not receive housing benefit unjustly, the housing benefit authority regularly checks the household members through a so-called data comparison.

Ministry of Infrastructure and Digital Affairs Saxony-Anhalt

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