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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for help to overcome special social difficulties


If you have particular social difficulties, you can
advice on how to overcome these difficulties.ierigi-

In the course of this consultation, you can also find out about the
conditions for the granting ofcan be clarified.

Assistance to overcome special social difficulties is a subordinate benefit.
are subordinate benefits. Therefore you will
will also be informed about other priority benefits that must be taken
which must be taken first.

If you meet the followingthe following conditions, you may be eligible for assistance to
help to overcome particular social difficulties may be granted.
may be granted:

  • Special living conditions:
    • no or insufficient housing
    • unsecured economic livelihood
    • violent living conditions
    • release from a closed institution
    • comparable disadvantageous circumstances
  • social difficulties:
    • Obtaining or obtaining housing
    • Finding a job
    • Obtaining a job
    • Family or other socialsocial relationships
    • Delinquency

Should you these conditions and no other benefits are possible
benefits are possible, you can, for example, receive the following benefits

  • Counseling and personal assistance, also for relatives
  • Measures for the procurement and maintenance of a home
  • Assistance in obtaining and securing a job
  • Assistance with school- or vocational training
  • Money- and benefits in kind are possible, e.g. health insurance contributions, clothing
    contributions, clothing allowance or pocket money in the case of inpatient
    inpatient accommodationung

You do not have to meet any prerequisites to receive the initial consultation
to receive initial counseling. In order to receive assistance, case-by-case decisions are

As a rule, no documents required
In individual cases the social welfare office may request the necessary documents.

Cost type: Free of charge

Social Welfare Office

Forms available: No
Written form required: No
Informal application available: Yes
Personal appearance required: No

  • In order to receive counseling on assistance in overcoming special socialsocial difficulties, you must have the appropriatecorresponding contactrequest must be made.
  • During the consultation, the concrete supportcan be discussed.
  • Possible priorityservices can also be discussed here.can also be discussed.
  • Possible assistance includes among others: health assistance health, help with care or help in other life situations.
  • Whether the requirements for assistance in overcoming particular socialsocial difficulties are fulfilled, can becan be discussed in thecan be discussed in the counseling interview.

There are the following indications:
Counseling for assistance in overcoming special social difficulties
difficulties can also be done anonymously

Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs NRW (MAGS

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