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Using diagnostic measures for people with disabilities to check occupational suitability


Diagnostic measures can be used to determine your professional performance in advance. This will help you with your professional orientation.

Aptitude assessment measures

An aptitude assessment can be useful if your occupational aptitude is unclear, for example because you have no or only a limited occupational orientation and need support in your choice of occupation.

In the run-up to a concrete support service, a well-founded assessment of your suitability for an occupation or occupational field is made.

Your interests and aptitudes as well as your cognitive, mental and physical capabilities are taken into account. This helps to avoid undesirable developments, such as dropping out of training or retraining. In order to assess your occupational aptitude, it is necessary to realistically assess your abilities and consider them in relation to the occupational requirements.

The aptitude assessment lasts up to 3 months and usually takes place in a vocational rehabilitation facility. The technical equipment corresponds to the requirements and the equipment standard as with the enterprises of the general labor market. If necessary, practical work experience can also take place for a limited period in companies with which the facility cooperates.

Work testing measures

A work trial can be useful if you already have a clear career wish, but your professional suitability for this is still unclear.

The aim of the work trial is to clarify your professional suitability for a specific career goal. During the work trial, you can get to know typical activities and work processes of a profession or a professional field. By trying out the occupational activity, you will find out your strengths and development potential.

The work trial lasts up to 4 weeks and usually takes place in a vocational rehabilitation facility. The technical equipment corresponds to the requirements and the equipment standard as in the companies of the general labor market.

Measures for the "Diagnosis of the labor market ability of particularly affected disabled people" (DIA-AM).

This diagnostic measure is specifically designed to determine whether you are capable of working in the general labor market with your individual performance potential or whether your performance is not or not yet sufficient for the general labor market due to the nature or severity of your disability.

The diagnostic measure is divided into 2 phases that build on each other. Both phases together last a maximum of 12 weeks.

Suitability analysis (phase 1)

Specialists examine your individual abilities, skills and motivation in individual tests and individual trials as well as through observations in the group.

If the experts come to the conclusion that your capabilities are not sufficient for the simplest activities on the general labor market, this measure ends. You may then be recommended services in the entry procedure and vocational training area as further support.

In-company testing (phase 2)

If the first phase shows that you have the potential for simple activities on the general labor market, the second phase begins.

In the second phase, you will work in one or more companies on the general labor market. You must show that you can cope well with increasing demands and changing workloads. The participating companies receive advance advice from the providers of the measure in order to create a working environment that is suitable for you personally.

Overarching benefits of all diagnostic measures

While you are participating in one of the 3 measures, you will receive socio-educational and psychological support.

At the end, a final report documents your personal performance. This also states whether and, if so, which employment opportunities are possible for you on the general labor market and with which specific support services you can be integrated into the world of work.

Your advisor at the employment agency will discuss possible further support with you on the basis of the diagnosis.

If the Employment Agency is your responsible rehabilitation provider, it will assume the costs incurred during your participation. During the diagnostic measure, you are generally covered by health, nursing care, accident and pension insurance.

If you meet the eligibility requirements for unemployment benefit or citizen's allowance, you will continue to receive these benefits during your participation. You will only receive a transitional allowance if you do not earn any or only a lower salary due to your participation in the measure.

  • You have a disability and your responsible rehabilitation agency is the Federal Employment Agency.
  • Your prospects of participating or re-participating in working life are significantly reduced on more than a temporary basis due to the nature or severity of your disability.
    • Or: You are threatened with a disability with the same occupational consequences.
  • The existing knowledge is not yet sufficient to advise and decide which support is suitable to enable your participation in working life. You need support with vocational orientation or it is necessary to examine and determine your individual performance potential.

Please ask your advisor what documents you need.

Processing usually takes several weeks. After approval of the service, the measure should begin as soon as possible in coordination with the provider.

Appeal to the employment agency that issued the decision. Further information on how to file an appeal can be found in the respective notice.

Forms available: No
Written form required: No
Informal application possible: Yes
Personal appearance required: Yes
Online services available: Yes

In order for you to participate in a diagnostic measure, you must contact your employment agency:

  • Make an appointment with the Vocational Rehabilitation and Participation Team at your employment agency.
  • If you do not yet have a personal contact person at your employment agency, make an appointment via the service hotline of the Federal Employment Agency.
  • In a personal meeting, they will agree together whether your vocational aptitude needs to be clarified or whether a work trial is necessary.
  • If your advisor determines that the support makes sense for you, you will be registered with a provider who will implement the measure on behalf of the Employment Agency.
  • Your advisor will also discuss with you the forms you need to fill out. You can also fill out the documents online.
  • Once your date for the start of the measure has been set, you will be informed.

Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS)

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