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Apply for a victim's pension


Victims of the SED dictatorship are entitled to a monthly victims' pension of up to 250 euros on application under certain conditions.

Persons are entitled to a victim's pension

  • have been deprived of their liberty for a total of at least 180 days in violation of the rule of law,
  • there are no grounds for exclusion (violation of the principles of humanity or the rule of law, serious abuse of their position for their own benefit or to the detriment of others, or if they significantly aided and abetted the former system in the accession area or were sentenced to a prison term of at least three years for an intentional criminal offense, provided that the decision is contained in information from the Federal Central Criminal Register),
  • are particularly disadvantaged in their economic situation.
  • Registration certificate
  • Certificate of earnings
  • Marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate
  • Rehabilitation decision by Magdeburg Regional Court or certificate in accordance with Section 10 (4) HHG with residence in Saxony-Anhalt or rehabilitation decision by Halle Regional Court
  • Certificate of good conduct according to § 30 Federal Central Criminal Register Act (BZRG)- upon request by the State Administration Office

The entitlement to payment of the victim's pension depends on the date of receipt of the application. It begins at the earliest with the month following the submission of the application. If the application was submitted before the victim's pension came into force, benefits are payable at the earliest in the month following the month in which the pension came into force.

Please contact the State Administration Office.

Further application forms and information sheets are available on the website of the State Administration Office.

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