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Have a death certificate issued


Every deceased person must be medically examined. In this so-called morgue, the death itself, the cause and type of death as well as the time of death are notarized.

After the post-mortem examination, a death certificate is issued immediately by the doctor.

The death certificate consists of a non-confidential and a confidential part.

In the non-confidential part, personal data of the deceased person (name, main residence, date of birth) as well as the place and time of death, the type of death (natural/non-natural) and the last attending physician are recorded.

The confidential part also contains information on the cause of death. In the case of a disease as the cause of death, this is called, but also serious other diseases are listed. In the event of an accidental death, the type of accident is specified in more detail (for example, traffic accident, work accident).

In the case of so-called "legitimate interest", third parties have a right of inspection of the death certificate. This applies, for .B, to funeral homes.

If you as a relative would like to have the deceased person transferred from another federal state to Saxony-Anhalt, you can present the death certificate as proof.

  • A post-mortem examination took place

The costs of the post-mortem examination and the issuance of the death certificate are to be borne by those who have to take care of the funeral.  

Please contact the municipality or district-free city in which the person died.

Once a person is deceased, the deceased person must undergo a medical examination.

The doctor issues the death certificate after the examination.

The death certificate is issued in multiple copies. For some recipients (health office, statistical office, medical person for the 2nd morgue, issuing doctor) a copy is provided, which contains both the confidential and the non-confidential part. The registry office receives a copy only with the non-confidential part. The copy, which is intended for the issuing physician, keeps it immediately with him. You as a relative or relative will receive the remaining copies, partly in a sealed envelope

All copies of the death certificate that you have received must be presented to the registry office so that the death certificate can be issued. The registry office forwards all copies to the intended recipients.

Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Integration of the State of Saxony-Anhalt

The funeral homes will fully support you in dealing with the authorities.

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