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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Carry out an official burial


If a person dies, the funeral must take place within a certain period of time. The funeral must be organized by the relatives of the deceased person. In individual cases, a person or institution may be obliged to do so if the deceased person instructed them to do so during their lifetime.

If no relatives and no other obligated persons or institutions (authorized representatives) can be found, a burial is carried out by the regulatory authorities. In this case, the funeral is organized by the municipality.

In principle, burials and cremations are possible with official burials. Due to the lower costs, most local authorities opt for cremation followed by an anonymous burial.

  • the deceased person has not made any arrangements for their funeral
  • there are no relatives of the deceased or no relatives can be identified
  • the relatives do not take care of the funeral
  • The place of death must be in Saxony-Anhalt

As a minimum, costs are incurred for

  • the performance of post-mortems,
  • the notarizations,
  • the cremation,
  • the transportation of the body,
  • the right to use the grave ("purchase" of the grave site),
  • the coffin or urn,
  • administrative costs,
  • possibly costs for the funeral home.

The burial or cremation should take place within 10 days of the death being confirmed. The urn must be buried within one month of cremation.

The responsibility lies with the municipality or city in whose territory the person died.

If a person dies, the public health department is notified.

The public order office then attempts to locate relatives or representatives of the deceased person and the deceased person's burial wishes via registration authorities, registry offices, parishes/religious communities and probate courts.

If this search is unsuccessful within the burial period, the public order office will arrange an"ex officio burial".

Religious particularities must also be taken into account here. The municipality will cover the costs of a simple burial.

The regulatory authority can also use the services of a funeral home.

If there are relatives but they are not financially able to provide for the funeral, an application can be made to the social welfare provider to have the funeral costs covered.

Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Integration of Saxony-Anhalt

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