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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for the funeral costs to be covered


In the event of a death, the relatives of the deceased person usually have to take care of the funeral and cover the costs for the time being if the estate or other funds, such as from a death benefit insurance policy, are not sufficient or not sufficient in full to cover the funeral costs.

Who is obliged to cover the funeral costs is regulated by law. These may be the following persons:

  • contractually obligated persons
  • heirs
  • persons liable to pay maintenance
  • Persons obliged to pay for the funeral under the public funeral law of the federal states

If you are obliged to pay the costs of a funeral but are not in a financial position to do so, you can apply to the relevant social welfare office to have the costs covered. The social welfare office will then check to what extent you can reasonably be expected to bear the costs.

The social welfare office will cover the costs of a simple, appropriate and dignified funeral. This includes the reasonable costs for the coffin, mortuary and grave fees as well as the costs for laying out the grave. This also applies to urn burials. The costs of hospitality for mourners, for example, are not covered.

The social welfare office that provided social assistance for the deceased person until their death is responsible. However, if the deceased person did not receive social assistance, the social welfare office in whose area the place of death is located is responsible. If a person with German nationality who was not receiving social assistance dies abroad, responsibility depends on the individual case.

  • You are obliged to pay the funeral costs.
  • Neither the estate of the deceased person nor other funds received as a result of the death, such as insurance payouts, will cover the funeral costs.
  • They cannot bear the costs from their own resources, or cannot bear them in full, or cannot reasonably be expected to bear the funeral costs.
  • The costs of the funeral are reasonable.

There are no costs.

There is no deadline.

An objection may be lodged against the notices of the competent authority within one month of notification.
Once the objection procedure has been concluded by a notice of objection, an action may be brought before the Social Court within one month of notification.

Municipality or independent city

If you wish to apply for assistance with funeral costs:

  • Submit an application to the responsible social welfare provider to have the costs covered.
  • If necessary, you must ask the responsible social welfare provider which costs will be covered in each individual case before appointing the funeral director,
  • The social welfare agency will check the documents you have submitted and your income and financial circumstances.
  • You will receive a notice of approval if all requirements are met.

Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS)

Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health and Equality of the State of Saxony-Anhalt

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