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Receive parental pension from agricultural accident insurance


The Agricultural Employer's Liability Insurance Association will pay you, as a parent, a regular parental pension in the event of your child's death as a result of an insured event (occupational or commuting accident, occupational disease).
This applies to

  • Parents
  • Stepparents
  • foster parents

The condition is that the deceased person has provided for your maintenance or would have done so in the future.
You will receive the parental pension for as long as you would have been entitled to maintenance from the deceased person or persons due to need for maintenance if the insured event had not occurred.
The pension is:

  • for one parent, 20 percent,
  • for a pair of parents 30 percent

of the annual earnings (salary and other forms of earnings such as bonuses or holiday pay) of the deceased.
If you receive the parental pension as a parent couple and your wife or husband dies, you will not immediately receive the parental pension for one parent (20 percent). Instead, in this case, you will continue to receive the amount for one parent (30 percent) for 3 months.
Your own income is not counted towards the parental pension.

If your daughter or son dies as a result of an accident at work, a commuting accident or an occupational disease, you will receive a parental pension if the following conditions are met:
The deceased, at the time of death, from his or her wages or earned income:

  • contributed substantially to your support; or
  • Would have contributed substantially to your support in the future but for the insured event.

You are also entitled to a parent's pension if.

  • The deceased had a reduction in earning capacity (MdE) of 50 percent or more as a result of these occupational diseases:
    • Silica dust lung disease (silicosis).
    • Silica pulmonary disease associated with active pulmonary tuberculosis (silico-tuberculosis)
    • Asbestos dust lung disease (asbestosis) or diseases of the pleura caused by asbestos dust
    • Lung cancer, laryngeal cancer or ovarian cancer
      • in connection with asbestos dust lung disease (asbestosis)
      • in connection with disease of the pleura caused by asbestos dust, or
      • if there is evidence of exposure to a cumulative dose of asbestos fiber dust at the workplace in an amount corresponding to the legal requirements
  • and this occupational disease contributed to the death.

The same regulations apply to stepchildren and foster children.

Proof of alimony, for example:

  • Maintenance order from the court
  • regular, earmarked transfers or receipts of money, for example rent payments
  • contract concluded between the parties

There are no costs for you.

You do not have to meet any deadlines.

Usually 1 to 6 months.

  • Appeal
    For detailed information on how to lodge an appeal, please refer to the decision issued by the Agricultural Employers' Liability Insurance Association.
  • Action before the Social Court

Forms: none

Online procedure possible: no

Written form required: no

Personal appearance required: no

Agricultural accident insurance benefits are generally provided ex officio. You therefore do not need to submit an application.
The agricultural employers' liability insurance association will inform you to enable you to file a claim.

Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

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