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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for permission to start waste management activity


If you want to start a waste management activity with hazardous waste, you must apply for a permit for the activity. Waste management activities are, for example

  • Collector,
  • transporters,
  • dealers and
  • Brokers

If you are exempt from the permit requirement, notification of your activity is sufficient.

If you have already received a permit for your activity and significant circumstances have changed, you must reapply for the permit. The permit requirement applies to both national and transboundary waste shipments.

  • You have the necessary reliability
  • You have the necessary expertise and technical knowledge
  • Your company number(s) under waste law as a collector, transporter, broker or dealer of waste (if already issued to you)
  • your business registration
  • an extract from the register of companies, associations or cooperatives
  • proof of business and environmental liability insurance
  • Proof of the professional competence of the persons responsible for the performance and supervision of the company
  • In case of notification of change: the transaction number of your initial notification
  • In case of transportation on public roads: Proof of motor vehicle liability insurance

The fees are based on the General Fee Schedule of the State of Saxony-Anhalt, part Waste Law Matters.

You must submit the application before starting the activity.

If the authority does not grant the permit, it will send you a negative decision. In this case, you can file an appeal. How to do this is described in your notice.

Lower waste management authorities (county/ city)

You can apply for a waste management permit by mail or by using the online form.

  • Enter your data and submit the required documents.
  • To complete the online form, you must sign it with a qualified electronic signature. To do this, you can use the signature card of the electronic waste verification procedure and the card reader. You must use signature software for the signature. You must install the software locally on your computer beforehand. You can obtain the download with instructions on the GOES website.
  • The authority will send you an acknowledgement of receipt.
  • After reviewing the application and your documents, the authority may request additional documents.
  • If all documents are received and you meet the requirements, the competent authority will issue the permit. The competent authority may also issue the permit with additional conditions.

You must carry the permit when performing the activity.

When transporting over public roads, you must attach "A" plates to the transport vehicle.

Ministry of Science, Energy, Climate Protection and Environment of the State of Saxony-Anhalt

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