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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Request exemption for airspace use


If you would like to set off fireworks at an event such as a wedding, for example, you may need permission from aviation authorities and/or an air traffic control clearance. The same applies to the ascent of drones, weather balloons or kites, as well as the operation of lasers and skybeamers.

Unmanned Free Balloons/Weather Balloons:

The operation of an unmanned free balloon/weather balloon always requires a permit.

Lasers, Sky Beamers and Effect Projectors:

Depending on their location, orientation, and light intensity, the operation of effect spotlights and optical light signaling devices requires a permit under aviation law if these devices could dazzle aircraft pilots during flight. They are generally prohibited in the vicinity of airfields if they could interfere with flight operations at an airfield. Lasers and spotlights that are only used indoors or if they are oriented flat to the ground and thus do not radiate into the airspace can be operated without a permit required by aviation law.

Uncontrolled self-propelled missiles:

This includes model rockets, for example, as well as other missiles that cannot be controlled in the air. This use of airspace always requires a permit.

Climbing of kites and parasail kites:

Climbing kites and parasail kites if they are held by a rope longer than 100 meters requires permission.

Ascent of fireworks: The ascent of fireworks of category 2 (in the period from 02.01. to 30.12.) as well as categories 3, 4, P2 and T2 or at a distance of less than 1.5 kilometers from the boundary of airfields requires permission from the state aviation authority. "Category 2" includes fireworks that pose a minor hazard and are intended for use in confined outdoor areas. Regardless of the distance from an airfield, fireworks require a permit if they rise more than 300 meters. Written applications may be submitted informally and should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the planned ascent. Obtaining an exceptional permit in accordance with § 19 Para. 2 LuftVO or a permit in accordance with § 20 Para. 1 LuftVO must be done regardless of the required notification obligation for commercial firework ascents in accordance with § 23 1st Ordinance to the Explosives Act (1. SprengV) or obtaining a corresponding exceptional permit for private firework ascents of category F2 in accordance with § 24 1st SprengV.

The raising of sky lanterns is prohibited:

According to the "Ordnungsbehördliche Verordnung zur Verhütung von Gefahren durch unbemannte Fluglaternen (Fluglaternenverordnung)" (Ordinance on the Prevention of Dangers from Unmanned Aerial Lanterns) of July 13, 2009, the raising of sky lanterns is prohibited in North Rhine-Westphalia for reasons of fire protection. Sky lanterns are unmanned balloon-like flying objects in which the lift is generated by heating the air contained in the balloon body by means of a dedicated fire source using solid, liquid or gaseous fuels. A permit under aviation law cannot be issued due to the aforementioned prohibition.

Unmanned free balloons:

- Consent of property owner (launch site)
- if necessary, additional information about the balloon (data sheets, manual, photos, etc.)
- Insurance certificate according to §§ 37 para. 1a, 43 LuftVG

Lasers, sky beamers and effect spotlights:

  • Data sheet of the device

Applications for the use of lasers, sky beamers and effect spotlights should be submitted at least one week prior to the scheduled start-up.

State Administration Office

For unpiloted self-propelled flying objects (e.g. model rockets), lasers, sky beamers, kites and parasailing kites, the written application is informal or can be submitted online.

§ 19 LuftVO

Ministry of Transport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

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