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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Submitting complaints to enforce passenger rights in rail, bus and boat transport


If you would like to complain after a train, bus or boat trip, you can contact the Federal Railway Authority if:

  • you have already contacted the transport company concerned and
  • the company has not responded at all or has not responded to your satisfaction.

The Federal Railway Authority will check whether the rail, bus or ship company in question has violated passenger rights regulations.

The transport company is in breach of the passenger rights regulations if, for example:

  • Your train or ship arrives at its destination severely delayed and you do not receive appropriate compensation.
  • Your train is expected to arrive at your destination very late and you were not given the opportunity to withdraw from the journey or continue your journey on another train.
  • your bus or boat is severely delayed or canceled and you are not offered an alternative journey or the opportunity to cancel your trip.
  • the transport company does not offer you anything to eat or drink if your journey is severely delayed.
  • the transport company does not organize an alternative onward journey or overnight accommodation for you in certain circumstances.
  • you are restricted in your mobility due to an illness or disability and you do not receive free assistance, for example with boarding, changing and alighting.
  • you are not informed of deviations in the itinerary before and during the journey.

If the transport company is likely to have violated the passenger rights regulations, the Federal Railway Authority will conduct administrative proceedings. This means

  • the Federal Railway Authority contacts the transport company and
  • asks the company for a statement.

Under certain conditions, you are entitled to compensation or a refund of the fare. The payments are handled between you and the transport company.

  • You suspect that your passenger rights have been violated on your train, bus or boat trip.
  • You were unable to resolve the problem with the transport company.
  • Ticket (as a copy or scan)
  • Other relevant documents, for example
    • receipts
    • Reply letter from the transport company (copy or scan)
  • if represented by a lawyer or a company, for example: Power of attorney

free of charge

Please find out about the deadlines of the respective transport company or the respective mode of transport (rail, bus, ship) for enforcing your passenger rights.

No legal remedies are provided for. No legal remedy possible, as proceedings are only conducted between the EBA and the transport company. If the EBA fails to enforce a passenger's presumed right, the passenger is free to assert possible claims against the transport company under civil law.

You can submit the complaint in writing to the EBA or online via the federal portal (verwaltung.bund.de).

Submit a complaint in writing:

  • Send your written complaint and relevant documents to the EBA by post or e-mail.
  • The EBA will examine the complaint.
  • If your complaint is justified, the EBA will initiate administrative proceedings to persuade the company to comply with passenger rights.

Submit a complaint online:

  • Call up the online complaint on the website of the federal portal.
  • Provide the required information.
  • Upload relevant documents.
  • The EBA will review the complaint.
  • If your complaint is justified, the EBA will initiate administrative proceedings to persuade the company to comply with passenger rights.

In individual disputes with a transport company, you can turn to a suitable arbitration board under certain conditions.

Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport Affairs (BMDV)

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