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Apply for access to airport security areas


If you want to work in a security area at an airport, you need access authorization. As proof of this, you will usually receive an airport ID card. The ID card allows you to move unaccompanied in the work areas relevant to you at the airport. You are not allowed to give your ID to anyone else. If you lose your ID card or it is stolen, you must report it immediately to the airport issuing office.

You do not need access authorization at an airport if you are working outside the security areas, for example in the generally accessible entrance hall.

The regulation applies to persons who regularly have to enter the security restricted area of an airport, for example in the case of:

  • Security
  • Clearance
  • the transport
  • the control of air freight.

The security area includes , among others:

  • Parts of an airport where screened passengers may be present before their departure
  • Parts of an airport where checked checked baggage is located or transited.
  • Areas of an airport where aircraft and other aircraft are parked
  • for boarding and disembarking as well as for loading and unloading

The regulation therefore also applies:

  • Pilots,
  • student pilots,
  • members of airport-based associations,
  • Pupil trainees,
  • suppliers of goods and similar suppliers,
  • dealers and traders, and
  • Employees of cleaning companies.
  • There must be an objective reason for both the background check and the access authorization.That is, you must prove that you need to enter the security area.
  • You need a positive background check.
  • You must have completed various training courses.


  • a copy of the identity card on both sides, or
  • Copy of passport and a registration certificate
  • Evidence of training
  • Notification of passing the background check (if already available)
  • Please also refer to the respective information sheets of your aviation security authority or ask there.

If already available: a copy of the decision of the previous background check or an equivalent check.

There are no costs. The settlement of any fees due will be carried out by the airport's ID office.


If your reliability has already been verified and you submit proof of this, it may only take a few days to process.

Contact the State Administration Office.

In order for you to be able to obtain access authorization, a positive background check is necessary:

  • As a rule, you apply for your background check together with the access authorization. Unless you have already gone through an equivalent verification.

If you apply for access authorization in writing:

  • You can obtain the form from your employeror the ID card office at the airport.Or you can download the form from the Internet (application for an airport identity card, application for a background check).
  • In most cases, both applications are linked in one form.
  • Fill out the form pages and obtain confirmation from your employer. You can then submit the application to the airport operator yourself or have it submitted by your employer.
  • The airport operator will check whether your access is actually operationally necessary.
  • The airport operator shall forward the application for access authorisation and, where applicable, the request for a background check to the aviation security authority.
  • The aviation security authority will inform you of the result with a notice. Your employer and the airport operator will also be informed of the result, but will not receive a detailed explanation.
  • If the result is positive and the airport operator also sees no obstacles, he will issue you with an airport ID card, provided that the other requirements are met,
  • when picking up the airport ID card from the airport operator, it is necessary to appear in person,
  • note that the airport ID card is limited in time and is only valid for certain areas in the security area of the airport
  • If you are deprived of the determination of reliability , your access authorization will also be revoked

If the result of the background check is negative, you will not be able to obtain access authorization and therefore no airport ID card.


  • Create a free service account in the Hamburg service portal .
  • Fill out the online application and upload all the required supporting documents.
  • Send the completed document digitally to the appropriate authority.
  • For employees: Print out the application PDF after completion, sign it and send it by post to the responsible authority.
  • The responsible aviation security authority forwards the data relevant to the airport digitally to the airport and obtains confirmation that its application is operationally necessary.
  • The remaining procedural steps are the same as the written procedure.

An access authorization is valid for a maximum of 5 years. Thereafter, it can be extended if the necessary conditions are met. In justified cases, your access authorization and ID card must be withdrawn. This is especially necessary if you no longer meet the requirements for access authorization.

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