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Apply for cancellation of membership at the Chamber of Crafts


Businesses of crafts subject to and exemption from approval as well as crafts-like trades are compulsory members of their respective Chamber of Crafts and are entered there either in the register of craftsmen or in the register of owners of a business of a craft or a craft similar trade. If you do not want to continue your business or if the registration requirements subsequently cease to apply, you must submit an application for deletion.
Membership of the Chamber of Crafts also expires with the deletion of the business from the Register of Crafts or the register of owners of a business of a craft or a craft similar trade without authorisation. If a craft business requiring approval is deleted from the register of craftsmen, the craft card must be returned to the Chamber of Crafts.
The following are eligible to apply:

  • trader or trader or
  • partners in partnerships or
  • legal representation in corporations (e.g. managing director of a GmbH)
  • in the event of death: spouse or heir or heir

The registration requirements were not met or subsequently ceased to apply.

  • Completed and signed request for deletion
  • Copy of the business deregistration or re-registration or other documents showing that the registration requirements are not or no longer met
  • In the case of establishments entered in the Register of Craftsmen: Original of the craft card

The specific fee can be found in the list of fees of the Chamber of Crafts, which is available on the Chamber's website.

You should file the application immediately after becoming aware of the existence of a reason for cancellation, since deletions cannot be made retroactively and the obligation to contribute continues to exist for the duration of the register of craftsmen.

Your registration will be deleted immediately if the conditions are met.

The deletion cannot be carried out retroactively, so that it takes place at the earliest from the date of receipt of the request for cancellation.

The decision is subject to legal recourse. Depending on the federal state in which the application was made, a preliminary procedure must first be carried out. Information on the existing remedies can be found in the instructions on appeals in the notices.

Please contact the Chamber of Crafts in whose district the company is registered.

The deletion of the holding must be carried out by you as the holder or
Company owner, shareholder or partner in partnerships or as legal representative in corporations (e.g. managing director or managing director of a GmbH) online or in writing.
Online application:

  • The application is made via the administration portal of your federal state. In addition, the chambers of crafts offer online access to their administrative procedures.

Written request:

  • Go to the website of your local Chamber of Crafts.
  • Download the application form.
  • Alternatively, you can contact your Chamber of Crafts directly and have the necessary documents sent to you.
  • Fill out the form completely and send it together with any required documents by post or electronically to your competent Chamber of Crafts.
  • Your application and the documents will be examined by the Chamber of Crafts.
  • After checking your documents, you will receive a deletion notification if the prerequisites are met.
  • For businesses in crafts subject to licensing: Return your craft card to the Chamber of Crafts.

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