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You can apply for an investment grant from KfW Bankengruppe regardless of your age and income. Funding is available for modernisation measures with which you convert living space to make it suitable for the elderly or disabled, as well as for measures in the area of burglary protection.

Eligibility to apply: The grant is only awarded to owners of detached and semi-detached houses, homeowners' associations but also to tenants (cf. www.kfw.de/455 ). A complete list of eligible measures can be found on the KfW website at the address given.

For the "Barrier Reduction" grant, the minimum investment amount is EUR 2,000.

For the "Burglary protection" grant, the minimum investment is EUR 500.00. A maximum grant of EUR 1,500 per residential unit is awarded.

The individual conditions can be found on the KfW website.

Age-appropriate conversion subsidy:

  • The application must be submitted before the project begins. The start of a project is considered to be the start of construction work on site. Planning and consulting services as well as the conclusion of supply and service contracts are not yet considered the start of the project.
  • You apply for your grant directly to KfW in the KfW grant portal.
  • After receiving the response, you can start your project.

Instead of an investment grant, you can apply for a low-interest subsidised loan for age-appropriate conversion through the intermediary of banks, savings banks and other financing institutions at the KfW. More information is available at this address: www.kfw.de/159 .

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