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Applying for a KfW loan in conjunction with a federal repayment grant for deep geothermal energy


The "KfW Renewable Energies - Premium - Deep Geothermal" programme supports investments in deep geothermal plants as well as the associated drilling with low-interest loans from KfW in conjunction with repayment subsidies from the federal government under the Markanreizprogramm (MAP).

With the Renewable Energies - Premium - Deep Geothermal Energy benefit, your energy project will be funded if you want to tap and use deep geothermal energy at a drilling depth of more than 400 metres, the thermal fluid is at least 20° C warm, your project is carried out in Germany and all other funding requirements are met.

There are three independent, cumulative funding modules:

- Repayment subsidy for the above-ground plant ("plant subsidy"),

- repayment subsidy for drilling costs,

- additional cost subsidy.

Combination with other public subsidies is possible if the EU subsidy limits are complied with. A maximum of 80 percent of the eligible costs may be financed from public funds.

Excluded from funding are:

  • Firms in difficulty (in certain cases),
  • manufacturers of eligible equipment, and
  • the federal government, the federal states and their institutions

There is no legal entitlement to the subsidised loan and the repayment grant.

In particular, you are a company or a municipality.

No fees are charged for the application.

The application must be submitted before the start of the project. The start of the project is deemed to be the conclusion of a supply or service contract attributable to the execution. Planning services may be provided before the application is submitted; necessary reservations of equipment, capital goods or services are permitted. The regulations of KfW also apply.

The processing time cannot be determined in advance. It depends on the necessary approvals, e.g. according to the Federal Mining Act (BBergG), the regulations of the Federal Water Act (WHG) or the water laws of the federal states and building planning or building regulations.

for companies: Your financing partner (e.g. house bank)

KfW does not grant the loans directly (with the exception of municipalities), but through your chosen financing partner.

  • Apply for the loan with your financing partner.
  • Your financing partner then applies for the funding on your behalf
  • KfW now checks your documents and decides on the funding.
  • You conclude the loan agreement and your project can begin.
  • Once the work has been completed, you submit a confirmation so that the repayment subsidy can be credited to you.

Directive on the promotion of renewable energy systems in the heating market (entered into force on 1.1.20)

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

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