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Apply for funding from the monument preservation programme "Nationally valuable cultural monuments


The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) promotes measures for the protection and preservation of historical monuments. An important pillar of monument promotion is the monument preservation programme "Nationally Valuable Cultural Monuments". The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) decides each year on the selection of objects and the amount of funding.
You can receive funding for the following measures:

  • Preservation and restoration of immovable, nationally valuable cultural monuments:
    • architectural monuments
    • historical parks and gardens
    • ground monuments

Cultural monuments are of national value if they exemplarily demonstrate

  • architectural,
  • urban planning,
  • historical,
  • political,
  • or scientific achievements can be depicted or
  • if the cultural monument has made a significant contribution to the development of a cultural landscape or the state as a whole as a cultural nation.

You will not receive funding for:

  • monument preservation measures not recognised by the State Office for the Preservation of Monuments,
  • renovation work,
  • conversion and use-related measures for modernisation,
  • building maintenance and operation,
  • movable monuments,
  • monuments directly owned by the Länder.

Eligible costs are:

  • Expenditure that serves the substance preservation and restoration of cultural monuments and their essential components.

You must prove that you have spent the grant on the preservation of a cultural monument. To do this, you must, among other things, keep all invoices and receipts relating to the eligible costs. You submit your application to Department ZM I 6 (Grants in the BKM Area) at the Federal Office of Administration (BVA). You have no claim to the granting of funding.

Please refer to further funding opportunities offered by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM):
You can receive further funding via the special monument protection programmes of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM).

Applications can be submitted by

  • natural persons
  • legal entities
    • registered association
    • foundation under civil law
    • limited liability company (GmbH)
    • public limited company (AG)
    • registered cooperative (eG)
    • partnership limited by shares (KGaA)
    • entrepreneurial company (UG)
    • Corporation under public law
    • Institution under public law
    • Foundation under public law
  • associations of natural and/or legal persons
    • General partnership (OHG)
    • Limited partnership (KG)
    • Civil law partnership (GbR)
    • Limited liability company & Compagnie limited partnership (GmbH & Co KG)
    • Limited liability company & partnership general partnership (GmbH & Co OHG)
  • Exception: monuments in the direct ownership of the Länder

Further requirements:

  • a federal state must participate in your project with equal, but at least adequate budgetary means
    • in justified individual cases the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) may permit exceptions
  • the state conservator must confirm the national significance of the cultural monument before the first application is made
  • The state conservator must approve the planned measures for the preservation of the monument.
  • You must not have started with your measures yet
  • You must finance the measures yourself as far as is reasonable. Funding is only possible if you cannot finance the project without subsidies.

When submitting your application, you must submit

  • Positive and reasoned opinion of the state conservator(s) (for initial applications only).
  • Construction plans and appropriate visual material (only for initial applications):
    • Site plan
    • floor plan
    • overall and interior view
    • Detailed description of the measures for the preservation of historical monuments in the year of application and the subsequent years (separated according to financial years).
    • List of expected costs for the preservation of historical monuments and their financing up to the completion of the measure (separated according to financial years)
    • Proof of application for state funds
    • if the application has not been submitted and signed by the owner of the cultural monument: Power of attorney

When you have completed your measure, you must submit the following documents:

  • Proof of use of funds
  • Application:
    • by 31 October for the following year
    • before the start of the measure
  • Proof of use of funds: deadline (usually 6 or 12 months) depends on the legal status of the applicant.
  • at least 6 months
  • opposition
  • administrative claim
  • Forms: yes
  • Online procedure possible: no
  • Written form required: yes
  • Personal appearance required: no

Seek advice from the relevant state monument offices on the funding options and requirements.
You must submit the application for funding in writing to the Federal Administration Office (BVA).

  • You go to the Federal Government's website and download the application form there.
  • You fill out the application for your project electronically, print it out and sign it.
    • Notes:
      • for initial applications in 8-fold number
      • for subsequent applications in 2-fold number
      • If your project comprises several construction phases, you must submit a follow-up application for each additional construction phase.
  • A written statement from the state conservator is required. You apply for this through the respective state office for the preservation of historical monuments. The statement must confirm that the cultural monument is of national importance and that the planned monument conservation measures are supported.
  • You send the signed application together with the other required documents by post to the Federal Office of Administration (BVA).
  • The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) makes an annual decision on the entire programme. In doing so, it takes into account the opinion of the state curator.
  • In the case of initial applications, external experts are also consulted.
  • You will then receive notification by post from the Federal Office of Administration (BVA) as to whether your application for funding has been approved.
  • Once you have completed your project, you must provide proof to the Federal Administrative Office (BVA) that you have spent the grant funds on your project.

The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM)

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Bundesverwaltungsamt (BVA), Außenstelle Stuttgart, Referat ZM I 6 (Zuwendungen im Bereich BKM)
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