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Receive funding for the development of a screenplay for a full-length feature film


The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) awards funding to authors for the development of a German-language screenplay for a feature-length film of at least 79 minutes in length.

You can receive a grant of up to EUR 30,000, in justified exceptional cases up to EUR 50,000.

The funding consists of two parts:

  • With the first basic grant of up to EUR 15,000, you create an initial script version.
  • This is followed by further development funding of up to a further EUR 15,000.

You always apply for the full funding amount of EUR 30,000.

You can only receive further development funding if you can prove that a producer

  • wants to film your screenplay and
  • is prepared to contribute at least EUR 10,000 to the financing.

When you start developing your screenplay, you must work with a BKM-commissioned writers' advisory service, the Drama Department. In consultation with you, the Drama Department can recommend accompanying funding measures to the BKM that can improve the script.

If your project was not considered in a previous jury session, you can resubmit it once, but must then make significant changes to it. Please explain in detail in a separate attachment what changes you have made to the project and material. A change is not necessary if there were formal reasons for the rejection that no longer exist.

You can submit the funding application online to the BKM. As a rule, there are 3 submission deadlines per year. The deadlines and dates are published on the BKM website.

Your project must fulfill the following requirements:

  • You are planning a German-language screenplay of artistic quality for a full-length feature film.
  • You have not received funding from another source at the same stage of development. Funding for project development or production preparation that does not affect funding for script development is permitted.
  • You own the rights to the material.
  • You can demonstrate initial success as an author in the field of screenplay or literature, either through
    • a filmed feature film script of at least 59 minutes in length that has been shown in cinemas, on television or at festivals, or
    • a performed play, a published novel or other longer literary publications outside of self-publishing, or
  • a nationally or internationally significant award or nomination that you have received with your screenplay for a short or full-length feature film project. This includes, for example, the German Screenplay Award, the Oscar in the category "Best Short Film" or the First Steps Award. You have not yet started work on the screenplay at the time of application.
  • Short description of plot, locations and characters, maximum 1 A4 page
  • Treatment or synopsis in German
  • Dialogue scene in German
  • Writer's note or author's statement on the material, maximum 2 pages
  • Declaration of rights to the material or proof of the rights chain
  • if a production company has already acquired the rights to the material: Declaration by the production company that these rights will be made available only to you for the duration of the funding period
  • Information about your professional career, filmography if applicable
  • for resubmission: explanations of changes to the material

You do not have to bear any costs.

You must submit the application before the start of your project.

As a rule, there are 3 submission deadlines per year. The current deadlines can be found on the website of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM).

The processing time between application and funding decision is approximately 8 to 9 weeks.

  • Action before the Administrative Court
    An appeal against this decision may be lodged with the Cologne Administrative Court within one month of notification.

Contact for questions regarding the procedure and application:

Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media
Department K 35
Potsdamer Platz 1
10785 Berlin

E-mail: k35@bkm.bund.de

Screenplay funding for feature films
Stefanie Hasler
Phone: 030 1868143117
Fax: 030 18681543117
E-mail: stefanie.hasler@bkm.bund.de

Postal address for submitting applications:

Federal Archive
Department FA 1 - Film Funding
Finckensteinallee 63
12205 Berlin

Additional e-mail address for submitting applications: drehbuch@bkm.bund.de

You must submit your funding application online to the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM):

  • Go to the website of the federal portal verwaltung.bund.de and fill out the application form electronically.
  • You will need an electronic ID document for the online application, for example your personal ELSTER certificate.
  • Upload the required documents as a file (in PDF format, maximum 10 megabytes per file) and submit the application.

Further procedural steps:

  • The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media will check your funding application for formal admissibility.
  • The Drama Department makes a pre-selection from the submissions.
  • The independent "Feature Film Jury" examines your submission and recommends a selection for funding by the BKM. The jury meets three times a year.
  • The BKM decides on your funding application.
  • You will receive a notification from the Federal Office of Administration (BVA) when your application has been approved.

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The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM)

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