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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for approval as a private clinic


If you want to operate a private hospital, you need a trade permit, a so-called concession. In this context, a hospital within the meaning of trade law is an institution that serves to heal and care for patients and in which patients are treated as inpatients, i.e. also accommodated and cared for.

Only private, commercially operated hospitals need such a permit. Public institutions and those operated for non-profit, charitable or scientific purposes do not need a permit. In contrast to these, the entrepreneur who runs the private hospital has the intention of making a profit from the operation.

You can, but you don't have to be a doctor yourself. If you are a doctor, a distinction must be made between facilities that serve the exercise of your freelance activity (e.g. the surgeon's clinic) and facilities that are not directly related to the freelance activity and are designed to make a profit.

The permit indicates whether it is used to operate a private hospital, a private maternity hospital or a private mental hospital (or a combination of these facilities). Homes in which mentally ill or mentally handicapped people are accommodated and only occasional medical care is provided are not private hospitals.

  • Fulfillment of the relevant selection criteria:
    • Needs-based justice,
    • Efficiency
    • Quality and cost-effectiveness
  • Written application by the hospital operator for the assumption of a specific care mandate and thus inclusion in the state hospital plan
  • Specification of the subject area, if necessary the sub-discipline,
  • information on the number of beds required;
  • Information on the timing of the supply mandate
  • Proof of good repute of the entrepreneur in relation to the management or administration of the institution or clinic
  • Proof of adequate medical and nursing care for patients
    1. Submission of required licences to practise medicine, depending on the task of the institution or clinic
    2. Proof of adequately trained nursing staff
  • Submission of descriptions and plans of the structural or other technical facilities of the clinic or institution to prove the entitlement to the health requirements
  • Proof that the local location of the clinic or institution cannot pose any dangers to the protection of the neighbors
  • Contradiction
  • Administrative court action

Contact the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Integration.

  • Hospital applies for inclusion in the country's hospital plan from the hospital planning authority/ministry responsible for hospital planning
  • The competent authority / ministry makes the care decision on the basis of the relevant qualification characteristics (needs-based performance, efficiency, quality and cost-effectiveness)
  • Making the externally effective declaratory decision by the competent authority / ministry on the inclusion, non-inclusion or exclusion of a particular hospital in / from the respective hospital plan
  • Determination of inclusion in the hospital plan = approval of the hospital

The concession does not replace other permits and permits required by law.

The Senator for Health, Women and Consumer Protection of the State of Bremen

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