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Applying for a driving instructor's license


Anyone who trains persons who wish to obtain a licence to drive motor vehicles (learner drivers) requires a driving licence. The driving licence is issued on application in category BE and additionally in classes A, CE and DE.

The applicant for the driving instruction license of class BE first receives a temporary driving license.

The driving licence may only be used together with the driving school licence or in the context of an employment or training relationship with the holder of a driving school.

Driving instructor is a state-recognized, nationwide uniformly regulated designation for a service profession in the transport sector. In order to practice this profession, you need the driving license. The requirements for this are regulated by the Driving Instructor Act. Training and testing is carried out in accordance with a nationwide training and examination regulations on the basis of this act. The driving licence is issued if the applicant

  • is at least 22 years old
  • is mentally, physically and professionally suitable and there are no facts that make him appear unreliable for the driving instructor profession
  • has at least completed vocational training in a recognised apprenticeship after completion of lower secondary education or an equivalent previous education
  • holds the driving licence of categories A, BE and CE and, if the driving licence is to be issued in category DE, the driving licence of category DE; a probationary driving licence is not enough
  • has sufficient driving experience on motor vehicles of the category for which the driving licence is to be issued (it is sufficient if the applicant for the driving licence in categories BE and DE has sufficient driving experience on motor vehicles of category B and D)
  • has been trained as a driving instructor within the last three years, and
  • has proven professional aptitude in an examination.

The driving instructor examination is taken by a specially established examination board. The examination fee plus any examiner travel costs cannot be specified here in a binding manner.

Fee: 40,90 EUR
Payment in advance: No
For the issuance of a temporary driving licence

Fee: 40,90 EUR
Payment in advance: No
For extensions to a permanent driving licence

The duration of the driving instructor training is:

  • for applicants for the driving licence of class BE five and a half months in a driving instructor training centre and four and a half months in a training driving school,
  • for applicants for the class A driving licence, an additional one month in a driving instructor training centre,
  • for applicants for the driving licence of class CE or DE, an additional two months in a driving instructor training centre,
  • If the applicant for class DE holds the driving licence of class CE, the duration of the training is shortened by one month; this also applies in the case of prior possession of class DE for the issuance of the driving licence class CE.

The responsibility lies with the State Administration Office - Transport.

The training as a driving instructor can only take place in one of the approximately 56 recognized driving instructor training centers nationwide. Not only the theoretical training, but also an internship in a training driving school is prescribed.

The training is a "step-by-step training". In the basic level, the driving license of class BE is first acquired. This requires a two-phase application procedure. Based on this, the driving licenses of classes A, CE and DE can be acquired.

In order for the driving instructor candidate to be able to apply the knowledge acquired in the officially recognised training centre in the training driving school, he will be granted a "temporary driving licence" with limited training rights if he has successfully passed the practical driving test and the specialist examination in each case,

The temporary driving licence expires either with the issue of the permanent driving licence or after three unsuccessful teaching tests in theoretical or practical driving lessons or after 2 years from the date of issue.

For applicants who have already acquired a driving instruction license in the public service (Bundeswehr, police) and are seeking a civilian driving license, the driving instructor examination is not required. In addition to the above-mentioned documents, these applicants must attach to the application proof of possession of the service driving licence (e.g. certified copy of the driving instructor's licence).

Persons who have acquired a licence to train learner drivers in other European countries can be granted a corresponding German driving licence under simplified conditions (§§ 2a and 3a FahrlG).
If this applies to you, please contact the competent authority.

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