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Applying for a residence permit to look for a job after research activity


As a researcher, you have a legal right to a residence permit to look for a job. The residence permit will be issued to you for a maximum of 9 months in direct connection with your research activity. If this maximum period was not used when it was first issued, the residence permit may be extended accordingly. However, if you cannot find a job during these 9 months, an extension is excluded and you are obliged to leave the Federal territory.

You already have a residence permit for the purpose of looking for a job after a research activity that has not yet exhausted the maximum period of 9 months.
In addition, you meet the general requirements for granting a residence permit. These are in particular:
- a secure livelihood,
- a clarified identity,
- Possession of a valid national passport.

- Valid National Pass
- Proof of secure livelihood (e.g. employment contract and payslips, bank statements, submission of a declaration of commitment by third parties)
- Proof of health insurance
- Proof of qualification (certificate of completion, certificate or certificate from your university on the successful completion of a course of study
- 1 current biometric photo
- Please ask the immigration authority responsible for you whether you need to submit further documents

Budget: Fee: EUR 93,00 – 96,00

Application before the expiry of the current residence permit. An interview 4 to 6 weeks before the previous residence permit expires is recommended.

Depends on the amount of work at the locally responsible immigration authority.

- Objection
Detailed information on how to lodge an objection can be found in the decision rejecting your application.

Please contact the competent immigration authority.

- Online procedure possible: no
- Written form required: no
- Personal appearance required: yes

You can only apply for an extension of a residence permit in person at the immigration authority responsible for your place of residence.
- You submit the required documents in the original and pay the application fee.
- The Foreigners' Registration Office checks whether the conditions for grant are met.
- If all requirements are met, the Foreigners' Registration Office will record your biometric data (photo, fingerprints) and
orders the electronic residence permit (eAT) from Bundesdruckerei GmbH.
- As soon as the eAT is completed, it will be handed over to you by the Foreigners' Registration Office.

Please submit an application for extension in good time (4 - 6 weeks) before the expiry of the residence permit.

§ 20 paragraph 3 no. 2 and paragraph 4 sentence 2 of the Act on the Residence, Employment and Integration of Foreigners in the Federal Territory (Residence Act – AufenthG).

§ 8 paragraph 1 AufenthG

These legal bases can be found on the Internet on the page Laws on the Internet


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