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Apply for exemption from the semester fee


All enrolled students are subject to the contribution obligation of their university. Each Studentenwerk and each student body issues a fee regulation. These regulations lay down the rules for exemption from contributions. These differ depending on the student union and student body.

You can be exempted from the semester fee if an exceptional reason recognised at your university applies to you.

You can be exempted from the semester fee for the following reasons:

  • Exemption from contributions from the semester ticket due to impossibility of use, for example due to a severe disability
  • Pro-rata exemption from the second degree fee
  • Exemption from the fee for the student body due to the completion of a civil/basic military/voluntary service or the condition of studying/internship abroad. Depending on the university, exemption from the contribution for the student body is also possible after the first semester, free of reasons.
  • Exemption from the semester fee due to leave of absence (only for certain reasons for leave of absence)

Depending on the type of exemption, different proofs are required.

  • In case of exemption from the semester fee:
    • Severely disabled person's pass with supplement and a valid token purchased from the pension office
  • In case of exemption from the student body fee:
    • In some cases, no proof required
    • If required, then proof of civil/basic military/voluntary service or study/internship abroad
  • In the case of a pro rata exemption from the second degree fee:
    • Depending on the reason, different proofs are necessary, for example a BAföG approval notice or the justification of the legal necessity of the second degree (e.g. orthodontic medicine and dentistry)
  • Within the re-registration period for the new semester
  • At the latest by the beginning of the semester
  • Please note the individual deadlines at your university

The processing time varies depending on the university.

You can apply for exemption from the semester fee directly at your university. Find out at your university about the reasons for exception, the required certificates and the specific procedure.

  1. The application for exemption can be found on the website of your university.
  2. You fill out the application online or analogously.
  3. You submit the application to your university.

The respective contribution regulations of the Studenten-/Studierendenwerke and the student bodies of the universities

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