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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for a partial building permit for the change of use of a plant


If you have applied for a change of use permit and want to start the change of use before the permit is granted, you will need a partial building permit.

In the application, you indicate for which parts of the building you would like to start the change of use.

You will receive a partial building permit for the change of use if:

  • the submitted building application is complete with regard to requested changes to units of use, and
  • the described construction project complies with the public law regulations, which are to be examined in the building inspection procedure.
  • Application (via online service or in writing)

If not already submitted for the building application:

  • Excerpt from the official property map
  • Site plan
  • Construction drawings
  • Specifications

Please ask the lower building supervisory authority responsible for you which documents you need to submit for your specific construction project.

In the regular partial building permit procedure, there is no application and approval deadline.

You must start the change of use within 3 years. You must not interrupt the construction work for more than 1 year, otherwise the partial building permit will expire.

You can apply for an extension of your application. The application can be extended for 1 year.  

The building supervisory authority decides on the building application within 3 months. The period begins on the confirmed date of receipt.

Exception: The building supervisory authority may extend the deadline by a maximum of 2 months if there is an important reason. If the deadline is extended, you will be informed, stating the expected date of the decision.


lower building supervisory authority

Forms/online services available: yes

Written form required: no

Informal application possible: yes

Personal appearance required: no

You can apply for a partial building permit for the change of use of a facility via online service or in writing.

If you submit a written application, proceed as follows:

  • Submit the application and indicate in it which building application your application for partial building permit relates to and which construction measures it includes.
  • Add the required building templates.
  • Submit the application documents to the responsible lower building supervisory authority.
  • If necessary, the lower building supervisory authority will ask you to pay a fee in advance.
  • Make the advance payment.
  • If documents are missing or there are other ambiguities, you will be asked to correct or supplement them.
  • In this case, submit the missing or adapted documentation or clarification.
  • The lower building supervisory authority examines your application and involves the municipality and necessary bodies.
  • You will then receive the notification of your application as well as a fee notice.
  • Pay the fees.

If you have a partial building permit, you must submit a notification of the start of construction to the lower building supervisory authority at least one week before the start of construction work.

At least 2 weeks before the start of use, you must submit a notification of the start of use to the lower building supervisory authority.

Ministry of Infrastructure and Digital Affairs of the State of Saxony-Anhalt

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