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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for municipal integration services


If you receive a citizen's allowance, you can take advantage of municipal integration benefits.

Your responsible job center can support you with debt counseling, psychosocial care, and addiction counseling. Your responsible job center can also support you in caring for relatives at home or looking after minor children or children with disabilities if these personal obligations prevent you from integrating into the workforce.

At the debt counseling service, you will receive help in sorting out your financial circumstances as well as debt repayment in order to improve the conditions for professional integration.

Psychosocial support is available if you need assistance with mental problems or crisis situations, so that your employability can be stabilized again.

Addiction counseling offers you support regardless of the type or severity of your addiction. This can be general counseling about addiction risks, addictive substances or addiction. In addition, you can be assisted with referrals to further help.

If you are taking care of children or caring for relatives at home, your responsible job center can organize third-party support so that you can pursue gainful employment.

You can claim municipal integration benefits if

  • you receive a citizen's allowance,
  • you need debt counseling, psychosocial counseling and addiction counseling, and/or
  • you demonstrably need support in the

care for minor children or children with disabilities or in the home care of relatives, and

  • this municipal benefit is necessary for integration into work.

Note that you do not have a legal right to municipal integration benefits. Your responsible job center will decide whether and to what extent you will receive assistance.

  • You must be receiving citizen's benefits.
  • Debt counseling, psychosocial counseling or addiction counseling is needed.
  • You need demonstrable support in caring for minor children or children with disabilities or in caring for relatives at home.
  • This municipal benefit must be necessary for integration into work.

If necessary, you must provide evidence.

Note (for more information on the deadline): You must claim municipal integration services from your local job center before costs are incurred.

There is no deadline.

few to 8

Note for further information on the processing time: A prerequisite for processing is that you have submitted all the required documents have been submitted.

Contact the Jobcenter.

Forms available: Yes

Written form required: No

Informal application possible: Yes

Personal appearance required: No

In principle, you can claim municipal integration benefits from your responsible job center:

  • You can make an appointment for a consultation with your contact person at the job center.
  • We will then discuss with you whether municipal integration services are possible and what support services can be offered.
  • If municipal integration services are possible, your contact person will discuss the further procedure with you.
  • You will receive the relevant documents from the contact person.
  • If necessary, fill out the documents, attach the required proofs or receipts, and return the documents to your responsible job center.
  • However, you also have the option of submitting the application online. To do this, complete the online application and upload the necessary supporting documents, if they are required.
  • Note that you need a positive approval decision from your responsible job center before incurring costs for childcare or home care for relatives.
  • Reimbursable costs will be transferred to the account you specify.

Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (MAGS)

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