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Obtain tax identification number


The tax identification number serves to identify the taxpayer in the taxation procedure. It enables tax returns, notifications and correspondence to always be clearly assigned to the respective taxpayer.

The tax identification number is a "non-speaking number". This means that neither personal data nor the responsible tax office can be read from it.

Every newborn child and all new citizens are automatically assigned a tax identification number when they first register in Germany. It remains valid for life and does not change when you move or get married.

As a rule, you will also find your tax identification number

  • in your income tax assessment notice,
  • on the income tax statement.

You can request your tax identification number via the input form of the Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt) if

  • within 3 months of your first registration in Germany
  • Within 3 months of the birth of your newborn child, you have

you have not yet received a letter with the tax identification number.

Notification by telephone or e-mail is not possible for data protection reasons.

All taxable persons in Germany receive a tax identification number.

You do not need to submit any documents.

There are no costs involved.

There is no deadline.

No legal remedies are provided.

  • Forms available: No
  • Written form required: No
  • Informal application possible: Yes
  • Personal appearance required: No
  • Online service available: Yes

You will receive the tax identification number automatically by mail to your registration address.

  • As a taxpayer in Germany, you automatically receive a tax identification number.
  • Children receive the tax identification number after birth.
  • If you cannot find your tax identification number, you can use the input form on the website of the Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt) to request your tax identification number again.
  • To do this, fill out the input form completely and send it via the "send" field.
  • You will receive the tax identification number by mail to your current registration address.

There are no indications or specifics.

Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF)

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