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Final subsidy statement from the Artists' Social Security Fund


As a self-employed artist or journalist, you are entitled to a subsidy from the Künstlersozialkasse under certain conditions. The subsidies relate to the costs of your private or voluntary statutory health and long-term care insurance.

You may be entitled to these subsidies if you:

  • are subject to compulsory insurance via the Künstlersozialkasse and
    • are exempt from statutory health and long-term care insurance or
    • no longer have access to statutory insurance.

You receive the subsidies monthly as a provisional subsidy. These are therefore advance payments on the final subsidy.

At the end of the year, you will receive a final subsidy statement. This is based on:

  • Your actual contributions for your private or voluntary statutory health and long-term care insurance and
  • your actual income, if applicable.

The Künstlersozialkasse compares the provisional subsidies paid with the actual subsidy entitlement. This may result in additional payments or reclaims.

If you do not submit the information and documents on time, the Künstlersozialkasse will reclaim the provisionally paid subsidies. You will also lose your current entitlement to a subsidy.

If you submit the documents retrospectively, a delayed subsidy settlement is possible. In this case, you can receive a provisional monthly subsidy again.

  • You must have received subsidies towards the costs of your private or voluntary statutory health and long-term care insurance in the previous year.
  • completed online application, reply form or informal notification
  • Proof of the actual expenses for your private or voluntary statutory health and long-term care insurance. You will usually receive this certificate automatically at the beginning of the year:
    • from your private insurance company or
    • in the case of voluntary insurance: from your statutory health insurance fund.

If necessary, an additional certificate of monthly expenses if you have not received subsidies for the entire year. You can obtain this certificate from your health insurance company on request.

There are no costs.

The complete documentation for the final grant statement must be submitted by May 31 of the following year.

  • Appeal
    Detailed information on how to lodge an objection can be found in the notice from the Künstlersozialkasse.

The settlement of your provisional subsidy is possible if you provide proof of your final costs for private or voluntary statutory insurance. For this purpose, you will receive a letter from the Künstlersozialkasse in April with a questionnaire.

Note: If the Künstlersozialkasse has all the necessary information and documents, you can receive the statement of the subsidy earlier. To do this, you must submit the information and documents earlier. This is possible from January 1st of a year for the previous year.

You can submit the required information and documents to the Künstlersozialkasse either online or by post.

Online notification:

  • Call up the online form on the federal portal verwaltung.bund.de. This will guide you step by step through the necessary information, which you can enter electronically.
  • Note: You will need a valid ELSTER certificate to log in to the online form. Alternatively, you can use your electronic ID document.
  • You will need around 15 minutes to complete the online application.
  • First enter your personal details, including your insurance number. You will find this on the letter from the Künstlersozialkasse in the top right-hand corner.
  • On the next page, you will first receive general information on the subject of "Final calculation of the contribution subsidy".
  • You must then provide details of your entitlement to the subsidy and the contributions you have actually paid and upload the relevant evidence.
  • If you are not covered by the Künstlersozialkasse pension fund, you must also provide information on your actual annual income.
  • You can also adjust your current monthly contributions if necessary and upload proof of the changed amount.

Notification by post:

  • Complete the answer sheet for health and long-term care insurance expenses for the previous year in full.
  • If you do not have the reply form or have not yet received it, you can also send an informal notification.
  • If you use the reply form, please follow all the instructions that were sent to you together with the request.
  • Check whether you need to send a certificate of monthly contributions in addition to the total amounts.
    • If necessary, request this certificate from your insurance company. The letter from the Künstlersozialkasse contains a note to this effect.
  • If you are asked for your final income, please also enter the figures.
  • Send the completed reply form or your informal notification with the attachments to the Künstlersozialkasse.

After receipt of the form, the reply form or your notification, the Künstlersozialkasse will check your details and the attachments and finally settle your contribution subsidies for the previous year. You will receive the statement from the Künstlersozialkasse by post.

If you have any questions, the Künstlersozialkasse will contact you by post.

Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS)

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