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Apply for a temporary identity card


With the temporary identity card, for example, you can bridge the time until a regular identity card is issued.

Your temporary identity card is valid for a maximum of 3 months.

You must return the old temporary or regular identity card when you are given the new temporary identity card.

You can submit the application to your citizens' office at your main residence. If you apply for the temporary identity card at another citizens' office, you need an important reason. Please clarify the recognition of your reason in advance with the authority you have chosen, for example by telephone. A non-jurisdiction surcharge of EUR 13.00 applies.

You can apply for a temporary identity card if:

  • you have German citizenship,
  • are registered in Germany
  • do not have a valid identity card

For applications outside your main residence:

  • You must be able to explain an important reason why you do not apply for the temporary identity card at the Bürgeramt at your main residence.
  • Exception: The temporary identity card cannot be applied for abroad.
  • Biometric passport photo: The photo must
    • be up-to-date and
    • meet the requirements for photos for electronic identity cards.
  • If available and not yet validated: old identity card or passport or temporary identity card or children's passport (valid or already expired)
  • If no valid passport or identity card is available: birth certificate, marriage certificate
  • in the case of children under the age of 16: if applicable, declaration of consent from the parent with custody who is not present
    • in the case of only one legal guardian, additional proof of custody
  • EUR 10.00
  • EUR 13.00 surcharge for applications outside working hours or not at their main residence

The obligation to apply for a temporary identity card applies to you if you

  • have German nationality,
  • have reached the age of 16,
  • are registered in Germany and
  • do not have a valid identity card or passport.

You will receive the temporary identity card immediately.

Contact the Citizens' Office of your municipality or city.

You must apply for the temporary identity card in person at the Bürgeramt. If you do not apply for your temporary identity card at your main residence, you will need an important reason and there will be a surcharge on the fee. If you contact the Bürgeramt you have selected in advance, you can find out whether and to what extent the Bürgeramt acknowledges your reason.
You can apply for the temporary and the new regular identity card at the same time.
The authority will issue you with the temporary identity card directly on site.

Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community

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