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Pick up your identity card


You can usually collect your ID card with your personal identification number (PIN) in person or via an authorized representative 5 days after receiving the PIN letter. You can collect it from the ID card authority where you submitted your application. In addition to a transport PIN, the PIN letter contains a unblocking number (PUK) and a blocking password.

The letter will be sent directly to your registration address. If you do not have a registration address in Germany, the PIN letter can also be sent to the relevant ID card authority. If you have indicated that the PIN letter should be sent to the relevant ID card authority, you will receive the PIN letter on the day you collect your new ID card.

If you have not received a PIN letter, you can usually collect your ID card around 4 weeks after submitting your application. In this case, collection is only possible in person and not by proxy.

If a person is appointed to collect the ID card, they must identify themselves and present a written authorization to collect the card with the following statement: "PIN letter received from Bundesdruckerei".

To collect your child's ID card, you only need the power of attorney if the child is already 16 years or older.

The new ID card is ready for collection at the relevant ID card office.

  • Your old identity card document
  • In case of representation: Power of attorney to collect an identity card


Fee: free of charge

Responsibility lies with the municipality and the city in which the permit was applied for.

  • Forms: none, Notification of loss of the old identity card, if applicable
  • Written form required: no, Authorization to collect if necessary
  • Personal appearance required: no, representation possible

You can collect your new ID card from the relevant ID card authority:

  • Before the ID card can be collected in person, Bundesdruckerei will send a letter (PIN letter) with a so-called transport PIN and a blocking password to the applicant's home address. In exceptional cases, the PIN letter can be sent to the ID card authority.
  • As a rule, the ID card can be collected 5 days after receipt of the PIN letter. If no PIN letter is sent to the applicant, the ID card can be collected approx. 4 weeks after applying for the ID card.
  • To collect the ID card, you go to the ID card office where you applied for the ID card.
  • Book an appointment for this if necessary.
  • The new ID card will be issued to you on presentation of your old ID card. If you wish to keep your old ID card as a souvenir, the document can be validated and returned to you.
  • If you have lost your old ID card in the meantime, fill out a loss report.
  • Declare to the clerk whether you have received the PIN letter and confirm this with your signature.
  • If the PIN letter has been sent to the ID card authority, it will be handed over to you and you confirm receipt with a signature.
  • You will be informed about the online ID function of the ID card by the person in charge.
  • You have the option of assigning a six-digit PIN of your own choice to make the online ID function (online ID card) immediately ready for use. You can also set the six-digit PIN yourself at any time using a suitable NFC-enabled smartphone, the PIN letter and the AusweisApp2.
  • If you have not received the PIN letter and it has not been sent to the ID card authority, you must - if you wish to receive the ID card - set a six-digit PIN of your own choice and receive the blocking password from the authority staff. Otherwise, a free-of-charge complaint order will be initiated.
  • Finally, you confirm receipt of the new ID card with your signature.
  • An authorized person can be appointed to collect the new ID card. This person must identify themselves and submit a written authorization for collection with the following declaration: "PIN letter received from Bundesdruckerei".

Berlin Senate Department for the Interior and Sport

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