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Apply for an identity card due to other name change


If your name has changed, your ID card is invalid. In this case, you must therefore apply for a new one.

There is one exception: as long as you have a valid passport document, i.e. passport or temporary passport, with the new name, there is no obligation to apply for a new ID card.

An EU logo was introduced on the front of the ID card on August 2, 2021. However, ID cards without this logo remain valid as long as the surname/first names do not change.

The period of validity depends on your age at the time of application:

  • under 24 years: ID card is valid for 6 years.
  • from the age of 24: Identity card is valid for 10 years.

A temporary ID card is valid for a maximum of 3 months.

The obligation to apply for an identity card applies to you if you

  • have German citizenship,
  • have reached the age of 16,
  • are registered in Germany and
  • do not have a valid passport or temporary passport with the new name.
  • old identity card, passport or children's passport (with the old name) and, if available, valid passport (with the new name)
  • Certificate from the registry office confirming the name
  • for children under the age of 16: Declaration of consent from the legal guardian
    • if there is only one legal guardian, additional proof of custody
  • current, biometric passport photo

Fee reductions or exemptions are possible for people in need. This is at the discretion of the identity card authority.

You must apply for a new identity card immediately after changing your name if you do not have a valid passport document (passport or temporary passport) with the new name.

Contact the citizens' office of your municipality or city.

If you change your name, apply for the new ID card as follows:

You must apply for the ID card in person at the Citizens' Registration Office. If you do not apply for your ID card at your main place of residence, you will need an important reason and a surcharge will be added to the fee. If you contact your chosen Citizens' Registration Office in advance, you can find out whether and to what extent the Citizens' Registration Office will accept your reason.

  • You can make an appointment online, by e-mail or by telephone at many citizens' registration offices. You can find out what options your Citizens' Registration Office offers on its website, for example.
  • When you apply, your Citizens' Registration Office will inform you when you can collect your ID card.
  • Your ID card is produced centrally by Bundesdruckerei GmbH.
  • You can arrange a collection date online, by e-mail or by telephone at many citizens' offices. You can find out what options your local citizens' office offers on their website, for example.
  • When you apply for an ID card, the authorities will check the new name on the basis of the certificate from the registry office.

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Federal Ministry of the Interior and for Home Affairs (BMI)

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