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Apply for a passport for frequent travelers


A passport with 48 pages can be issued for frequent travelers.

  • You are a German citizen
  • There must be no grounds for refusal
  • Valid ID (passport, identity card, child ID, child passport)
  • current biometric photo, in passport format (45 x 35 mm) in portrait format, frontal photo without border, without headgear and without covering the eyes
  • Previous passport, if applicable
  • Birth certificate, if applicable

Additional documents such as civil status certificates or citizenship certificates may be required for the first issue or when moving to a new municipality. Please inform yourself in advance at the responsible office.

Application before the age of 24:

  • Passport - 48 pages: 59.50 euros
  • Express passport - 48 pages: 91.50 euros

Application after the age of 24:

  • Passport - 48 pages: 92.00 euros
  • Express passport - 48 pages: 124.00 euros

The fees are doubled if

  • the passport must be issued outside official office hours or
  • you apply for the passport to be issued by a passport authority that is not locally competent (e.g. municipality of a secondary residence)

Period of validity:

  • for applicants under 24 years: 6 years
  • for applicants aged 24 and over: 10 years
  • Passport: approx. 4 weeks
  • Express passport: within 3 working days

Responsibility lies with the municipality and the city in which the main residence is located.

You must apply for a passport in person. The application will be completed on site with the processor. You only have to sign it. When you apply, your fingerprints will be taken (flat print of the left and right index finger).

The passport is produced by the Bundesdruckerei and sent to the relevant office. You can then collect your passport.

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