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Apply for a second passport


In principle, no one may hold more than one passport. However, if you can prove a legitimate interest, you may be issued with a second passport.

A second passport is generally valid for six years. If you have a temporary passport issued as a second passport, it is valid for a maximum of one year.

You must prove that you have a legitimate interest in holding a second passport. This applies in the following cases, for example:

  • You travel a lot for professional reasons and need a second passport due to delays in obtaining visas.
  • You wish to travel to a country where you are likely to be refused entry because your passport contains entry stamps from certain other countries (for example, some Arab countries refuse entry if your passport shows that you have been in Israel).

Attention! General reasons or frequent trips abroad alone are not sufficient as a legitimate interest. Likewise, the fact that your passport is already fully stamped with endorsements is not sufficient as a reason for issuing a second passport. Even if you were already in possession of a second passport, you must prove the reasons again when a new passport is issued. Whether your reasons are considered sufficient is at the discretion of the passport authority.

  • previous passport or identity card
  • a current photo in the prescribed size and quality: Some municipalities require two photos. If in doubt, ask your local authority or bring two photos with you as a precaution.
  • Written justification for the application
  • Proof of legitimate interest (e.g. written confirmation from your employer, booking confirmations, flight tickets)
  • if you are represented at the pick-up:
    • ID of the person collecting you
    • Power of attorney

Notes: In individual cases (in some cities always for the first issue after a new arrival), further documents (e.g. civil status or citizenship certificates) may need to be submitted. The same applies to a further issue if only provisional proof of German citizenship (e.g. the registration certificate from the Federal Office of Administration) was available at the time of the first issue. You should inquire about this in advance at your municipality / administrative community.

  • for a passport with 32/48 pages:
    • Persons who have reached the age of 24: EUR 59.00/81.00
    • Persons who have not yet reached the age of 24: EUR 37.50/59.50
  • for a passport using the express procedure: an additional EUR 32.00 each
  • for a temporary passport: EUR 26.00
  • for a children's passport: EUR 13.00

The fees are doubled,

  • if the passport has to be issued outside official office hours or
  • when a passport, a temporary passport, a child's passport or a change to a passport is issued by a passport authority that is not locally competent (e.g. municipality of a secondary residence) at the applicant's own instigation.

Validity of the second passport: 6 years

Processing Time: 4 Weeks

Contact your municipality or district-free city.

You must come in person to apply for a passport (e-passport). The application will be completed on the spot with the clerk. All you have to do is sign it.

Anyone who attempts to obtain a second passport by providing false information can be fined up to 5,000 euros.

Saxon State Ministry of the Interior

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