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Applying for a death certificate for death abroad


Properly issued death certificates from abroad are generally recognised in Germany. There is no obligation to re-notarize.

However, the subsequent entry in the death register can be advantageous because the local registry office can then issue you with a German death certificate. Any translations and certifications of the foreign death certificate will therefore be omitted in the future.

The subsequent certification of the death is possible for:

  • German citizens
  • Stateless, homeless foreigners or foreign refugees with habitual residence in Germany

Eligible applicants are:

  • the children,
  • the parents,
  • the spouse or partner of the deceased person, and
  • the German mission abroad in whose area of responsibility the death occurred.
  • foreign death certificate with translation, if necessary with legalisation/apostille
  • Identity card or passport of the applicant (or a recognized replacement identity document)

Documents of the deceased:

  • Proof of marital status (e.g. by marriage certificate, divorce decree)
  • Birth certificate

If the deceased was naturalized, entitled to asylum, stateless, homeless foreigner or refugee in addition:

  • Certificate of naturalisation or proof of special status

In addition, the presentation of further documents may be required – please inquire about this in advance at the registry office.

  • Notarization in the death register: 60,00 Euro
  • Death certificate / certified printout from the death register: 10,00 Euro (if ordered at the same time each additional copy 5,00 Euro)

You may incur additional costs through other services such as the issuance of an apostille or translations.

Responsible for the application is the registry office in whose area the deceased person had his habitual residence in Germany. If the deceased person did not have a national residence, the registry office in whose area you, as the person entitled to apply, have your domicile or habitual residence is competent. If none of the aforementioned alternatives apply, you can submit the application to the registry office I in Berlin.

Details of the modalities and the documents that the registry office requires from you in detail, please ask there in advance by phone.

  • Compile the necessary documents and visit the registry office.
  • The registrar checks whether notarization by a German registry office is possible.
  • If the conditions are met, the entry in the death register can be made.

If necessary, the registry office will issue you with a death certificate after registration has been made.

Federal Ministry of the Interior

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